Chionea (Chionea) pusilla Savchenko, 1983,

Zhang, Xiao, Wang, Junchao & Yang, Ding, 2012, Chionea Dalman newly recorded from China with descriptions of two new species (Diptera, Limoniidae), Zootaxa 3316, pp. 1-14: 5-7

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Chionea (Chionea) pusilla Savchenko, 1983


Chionea (Chionea) pusilla Savchenko, 1983 

( Figs. 12–22View FIGURES 12 – 15View FIGURES 16 – 19View FIGURES 20 – 22)

Chionea pusilla Savchenko, 1983: 71  . Type locality: Kedrovaya Pad Nature Reserve, Khasansky Rayon, Primorskiy kray ( Russia).

Diagnosis. Generally brownish yellow species. Antenna with 8 segments. Gonostylus with a sclerotized lobe at base; inner tooth of sclerotized lobe shorter than outer tooth. Aedeagus small with two goblet-shaped lobes at base. Description. Male ( Fig. 12View FIGURES 12 – 15). Body length 2.5 –3.0 mm, wing length 0.2 mm.

Head ( Fig. 13View FIGURES 12 – 15). Brown with brownish yellow hairs. Frons prominent. Antenna 0.6–0.7 mm long. Scape pale brown with extreme tip pale yellow; pedicel pale brown with tip darker; fusion segment (first flagellomere) brownish yellow, flagellomeres 2–6 brownish yellow. Scape subcylindrical; pedicel club-shaped; fusion segment subconical, flagellomeres 2–5 subcylindrical with three long hairs each, last flagellomere long with three long hairs and two long apical hairs. Proboscis and palpus brown to brownish yellow with brownish yellow hairs.

Thorax ( Fig. 12View FIGURES 12 – 15). Pronotum and mesonotum brownish yellow with white hairs. Coxae brown; trochanters, femora, tibiae and tarsi brownish yellow. Hairs on legs brownish yellow ( Fig. 14View FIGURES 12 – 15). Wing white. Halter 0.3–0.4 mm long, white.

Abdomen ( Fig. 12View FIGURES 12 – 15). Tergites and sternites brownish yellow. Hairs on abdomen brown.

Genitalia ( Figs. 15–19View FIGURES 12 – 15View FIGURES 16 – 19). Posterior margin of tergite 9 with a broadly V-shaped median emargination. Gonocoxite elongate, with long hairs on both dorsal and ventral sides. Gonostylus smoothly curved with a blunt basal tooth on inner margin, which bears several hairs; tip of gonostylus with tuft of microscopic hairs. Blackened sclerotized lobe present at base of gonostylus; sclerotized lobe bidentate, inner tooth of it shorter than outer tooth. Paramere triangular with tip rounded and outside curved downward. Claspette triangular with tip rounded. Aedeagus tapered apically with two goblet-shaped lobes at base.

Female ( Fig. 20View FIGURES 20 – 22). Body length 3.0–4.0 mm, wing length 0.2 mm. Similar to male, but femora thinner ( Fig. 21View FIGURES 20 – 22); cercus longer than hypogynial valve ( Fig. 22View FIGURES 20 – 22).

Material examined. 8 males 7 females, China: Heilongjiang, Wuying, Fenglin Nature Reserve, 48 ° 8 ʹN 129 ° 12 ʹE, 2011. XI. 12, Junchao Wang.

Distribution. China (Heilongjiang); Russia ( Oosterbroek 2012).

Remarks. This species is recorded from China for the first time. For descriptions and illustrations of this species, also see Savchenko (1983). The female of this species, however, was not described by Savchenko. We describe the female of this species for the first time. The male specimens we collected are consistent with the original descriptions ( Savchenko 1983, p 71). Aedeagal complex of the species illustrated in the present paper ( Fig. 15View FIGURES 12 – 15, 19View FIGURES 16 – 19) and that in the original illustrations ( Savchenko 1983, fig. 22) are completely consistent, especially the two goblet-shaped lobes ( Fig. 19View FIGURES 16 – 19) at base of aedeagus. The locality we collected the specimens (Heilongjiang, Wuying, Fenglin Nature Reserve) is not very far away from type locality (about 600 km).














Chionea (Chionea) pusilla Savchenko, 1983

Zhang, Xiao, Wang, Junchao & Yang, Ding 2012

Chionea pusilla

Savchenko 1983: 71