Licodia Walker, 1869

Cadena-Castañeda, Oscar J., García, Alexander García, Nos, Maria Del Pilar Castella-, Sarmiento, Juan Pablo Prias & Tavares, Gustavo Costa, 2022, Studies on chevron crickets: Contribution to the knowledge of Lutosinae / ini taxa (Orthoptera: Anostostomatidae), Zootaxa 5178 (4), pp. 347-379 : 367

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Licodia Walker, 1869


Licodia Walker, 1869

Comments. Licodia is distributed in the Greater Antilles such as Cuba and Hispaniola, in contrast to Rhumosa which is found in the Lesser Antilles. Three species are currently known: Licodia pallipes Walker, 1869 (Type species), L. grandis Rehn, 1930 (both from Haiti) and L. cerberus Rehn, 1930 (from Cuba). Of the three species, only the male of L. cerberus is formally known. Field & Deans (2001) provided drawings of the heads of males and females of the three known species and highlighted the megacephalization and asymmetric jaws of males as a secondary character for sexual selection.

Distribution. Greater Antilles.