Lissochlora purpureotincta ( Warren, 1900 ), Warren, 1900

Viidalepp, Jaan & Lindt, Aare, 2019, Description of a new species of the Lissochlora albociliaria species group (Lepidoptera: Geometridae, Geometrinae), Zootaxa 4668 (3), pp. 448-450: 449

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Lissochlora purpureotincta ( Warren, 1900 )


Lissochlora purpureotincta ( Warren, 1900)   (Figs 2, 4)

Racheospila purpureotincta Warren, 1900: 138   , Loc. typ. Palma Sola, Venezuela; Dognin, 1910; Prout, 1932.The lectotype and corresponding genital slide no. BMNH Geom. 14022 examined.

Lissochlora purpureotincta (Warren)   : Pitkin, 1993: 58, 102.

Material: 1³, Ecuador, Napo prov., Huabuno riv., Farm of Selva Alegre , 3– 6.10.1999, 300– 450 m, 0º50’S, 77º15’W (slide 6622) (T. Kesküla leg.) GoogleMaps   ; 1³, Ecuador, Napo prov., Puerto Misahualli (slide 7370) (A. Selin leg.)   ; 1³, Ecuador: Oriente: Napo prov., Misahualli , 07.11. 2002, 450 m, 01º01’S, 77º30’W (slide 450) (I. Renge leg.) GoogleMaps   ; 1³, Peru, Lagunas, 1– 3.12. 2003, 134 m, 05º14’14“S, 75º35’44“W (slide 7386) (A. Lindt leg.) GoogleMaps   ; 2³, Peru, Agua Clara , 960 m, 07.12.2003, 05º43’32“S, 77º34’40“W (slide 7683) ( IZBE LepNeotr-01993): 1f GoogleMaps   , Peru, Tarapoto , 5– 6.12.2004, 1000 m, 06º27’30“S, 76º17’16“W ( IZBE LepNeotr-01994) (A. Lindt leg.) GoogleMaps   . GoogleMaps  

Diagnosis: A species of the Lissochlora albociliaria   species group with ante- and postmedial bands on wings replaced by pairs of brown and white vein-spots, differing from Lissochlora klausi   sp. n. described above in having a more irregular shape of the postmedian band on the forewing and in the configuration of valva in the male genitalia. It differs from other species in the group in having the valval costal ornamentation which is outcurved distally. Prout (1932) used this species for comparison with similar taxa, referring to its unicolorous fringe and more regular row of postmedian dashes in L. inconspiqua (Bastelberger, 1911)   . The discal spots of L. purpureotincta   are larger than in L. albociliaria (Herrich-Schäffer, 1855)   and L. inconspicua   .

Description: Wing span 22 mm in males, 25 mm in female (Fig. 2). The frons is brown, broad, the fillet broad, white, and the vertex green, a rosy line between. The rami on the tenth segment of male antenna are 0.37 mm long, the thick (0.13 mm) palpus projecting beyond the frons about 0.18 mm, and the length of the hindtibial process is 0.55–0.6 mm. The abdomen: a large white blotch, edged grey, on the tergite A1, another large white blotch on the third tergite. Wings green, the costa of forewing is white with greyish shadow, the places of ante- and postmedial lines are marked by pairs of brown-grey and white spots of equal size. The grey spot on the forewing vein M2 is shifted basad of a virtual line connecting the proximal edges of the spots on veins M1 and M3. The brown marginal line is slightly lunulate between veins and disrupted by white spots on veins. The postmedial vein-spots are white on hindwing, slightly accentuated with darker green basally. The fringe is white at base and greyish distally, the brown chequering is broader distally, cutting the white band into longish oval streaks.

Male genitalia (Fig. 4): The uncus is black, smooth and hooked. The socii are broad at bases, distally produced as long as the uncus. The costal plate of the valva is as broad as the saccular part of valva until outcurved dorsad at four-fifths and dilated into a broadly bidentate tip. The gnathos is a loop with a spoon-shaped cochlear. The vinculum is shorter than the tegumen, rounded. Aedeagus with a kink and a truncate anellar plate. The eighth sternite of male is shorter than the tergite, slightly bilobed. Pitkin (1993) described L. purpureotincta   as similar to L. manostigma (Dyar, 1912), differing in having an obliquely produced tip of the valva and a slightly different distal costal process.


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Lissochlora purpureotincta ( Warren, 1900 )

Viidalepp, Jaan & Lindt, Aare 2019

Lissochlora purpureotincta

Pitkin, L. M. 1993: 58

Racheospila purpureotincta

Warren, W. 1900: 138