Sphrigodellus sp.

Yunakov, Nikolai, 2012, 3535, Zootaxa 3535, pp. 1-104 : 35

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Sphrigodellus sp.


Sphrigodellus sp. prope nguruensis

Diagnosis. Morphological details mostly corresponds to S. nguruensis sp. n. Differs from S. nguruensis sp. n. by anterior half of elytra with long, suberect setae (in male as long as interval width), posterior declivity with extremely long strongly erect narrow truncate setae (in male 1.5 x as long as interval width).

Measurements. BL: 4.05 mm, BW: 1.66 mm, BH: 1.52 mm. Main morphometric indexes: RL/RW = 1.44, FW/ELD = 0.90, PL/PW = 0.96, EL/BH = 1.71, EL/EW= 1.57.

Material examined. Tanzania: 1♂ ( CNC) Morogoro Reg., Nguru Mts. at Turani , h = 1236 m 06°06'24''S, 037°31'48''E, sifting07, V. Grebennikov leg., 05.XI.2010 GoogleMaps .


Canadian National Collection of Insects, Arachnids, and Nematodes