Alfaro cultratus ( Regan 1908: 458 )

Angulo, Arturo, Naranjo-Elizondo, Beatriz, Rojas, Emmanuel & Ley-López, Juan Manuel, 2017, Fishes from the Tirimbina Biological Reserve, La Virgen de Sarapiquí, Heredia, Costa Rica, Check List 13 (5), pp. 683-702 : 689

publication ID 10.15560/13.5.683

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Alfaro cultratus ( Regan 1908: 458 )


(10) Alfaro cultratus ( Regan 1908: 458) ; Knife live- bearer (En), Olomina (sp)

Figure 3E

Body elongate, moderately deep and deeply compressed; lateral line reduced to a series of individual pits along side of body; fins without spines; a single dorsal fin; males with anal fin modified into a short gonopodium not extending beyond the dorsal fin insertion; ventral margin of the caudal peduncle sharp and compressed, scales forming a sheathed keel; caudal fin rounded; gen- eral coloration yellowish gray or pale yellow (almost transparent in some specimens) with metallic blue/green flashes in the abdomen and a thin dark line running along the entire length of the body; fins transparent or yellow; maximum body length ca 65 mm SL.