Amatitlania siquia Schmitter-Soto 2007: 54

Angulo, Arturo, Naranjo-Elizondo, Beatriz, Rojas, Emmanuel & Ley-López, Juan Manuel, 2017, Fishes from the Tirimbina Biological Reserve, La Virgen de Sarapiquí, Heredia, Costa Rica, Check List 13 (5), pp. 683-702: 694

publication ID 10.15560/13.5.683

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Amatitlania siquia Schmitter-Soto 2007: 54


(20) Amatitlania siquia Schmitter-Soto 2007: 54   ; Hon- duran red point cichlid (En), Mojarrita (Sp)

Figure 5D

Body moderately elongate and deep; predorsal profile of head usually straight or slightly curved, relatively short and convex, usually ca 33–43% of head length; mouth terminal, rarely inferior or ventral, relatively short, usually <30% of head length; maxillary not extending to below the eye; jaws of equal length, rarely upper jaw in advance of lower jaw; teeth conical and cylindrical, somewhat enlarged, but no large canines; lateral line conspicuous, divided in two straight overlapping sections; fins with strong spines; a single dorsal fin; caudal fin trun- cate; general coloration tan or brownish purple, darker dorsally and paler ventrally; iris usually golden or yellowish; opercular blotch present; flanks usually with 6–8 relatively well defined black vertical bars; first vertical bar Y-shaped; fins pale, with the dark bars extending par- tially onto the dorsal and anal fins; caudal blotch mainly on caudal fin base; during the reproductive season, in the females, the striped pattern is intensified, the lower part of the head in darkened and a golden coloration appears on the scales of the lower half of the sides; maximum body length ca 100 mm SL.