Stegana Meigen

Pirani, Gabriela & Grimaldi, David A., 2019, Rediscovery, redescription, and reclassification of the rare and unusual fly Pyrgometopa penicillata Kertész (Diptera: Drosophilidae), Zootaxa 4661 (3), pp. 445-456: 446-447

publication ID 10.11646/zootaxa.4661.3.2

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Stegana Meigen


Genus Stegana Meigen  

Meigen, 1830: 79; Grimaldi (1990) revised diagnosis; Bachli et al. (2004) European species; Brake & Bachli (2008) world cata- logue. Type species: S. nigra Meigen, 1830   ; Zetterstedt 1847: 2577 (= S. furta Linneaus, 1766   ). AF, AU, NE, NT, OR, PA. Pyrgometopa Kertész, 1901: 419   . Type species: P. penicillata Kertész. Monotypic.   New Synonym. NT

Diagnosis: Wing held against side of body at rest ( Fig. 2 View FIGURES 1–6 , 7 View FIGURES 7–11 ); apex bluntly pointed, veins R 4+5 and M 1 convergent, apices nearly touching, parallel at apex; C with row of minute, thorn-like spinules at apex ( Fig. 31–32 View FIGURES 25–32 ). Mid tarsomeres 1–4 with 2 ventral rows minute, overlapping, scale-like setulae ( Figs. 34 View FIGURES 33–35 ); hind tarsomeres 1–4 with one or two such rows ( Figs. 33, 34 View FIGURES 33–35 ). Hypandrial complex very elaborate; phallapodeme usually long, fused to phallus and postgonites. Phallic guide usually present.

Comments: Pyrgometopa   has all the above-mentioned characters, fitting entirely in the definition of Stegana   . The latter genus is cosmopolitan and more diverse in the tropical regions of the world. Furthermore, we have some undescribed species with modifications on the frons and ocellar tubercle that also fit entirely within Stegana   and it is probable that they all form a clade within the genus.