Gonatocerus novifasciatus Girault, 1911

Triapitsyn, Serguei V., 2006, A key to the Mymaridae (Hymenoptera) egg parasitoids of proconiine sharpshooters (Hemiptera: Cicadellidae) in the Nearctic region, with description of two new species of Gonatocerus, Zootaxa 1203, pp. 1-38 : 28-30

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https://doi.org/ 10.5281/zenodo.172335

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Gonatocerus novifasciatus Girault, 1911


Gonatocerus novifasciatus Girault, 1911

( Fig. 28 View FIGURES 26 – 28 )

Gonatocerus novifasciatus Girault 1911: 266 –267.

Gonatocerus novifasciatus Girault : Huber 1988: 63 –65 (redescription, diagnosis, distribution, host associations); Triapitsyn et al. 1998: 241, 243 (host association in California).

Type locality

An unspecified locality in Tennessee, USA.

Material examined

HAWAIIAN ISLANDS ( USA, HAWAII). Oahu Island, Kakului Airport, 14.i.2000, 17.ii. 2000 and 1.iii. 2000, F. Howard, D. Preston, F. Starr, K. Martz [3 females, CNCI]. MEXICO. BAJA CALIFORNIA SUR, 10 km N of La Paz, 28.x. 1983, J.D. Pinto [2 females, UCRC]. COAHUILA, Saltillo, Los Valdez, 30.vii. 1987, A. González­Hernández [1 female, 1 male, UANL]. DISTRITO FEDERAL, 12 mi. W of Texcoco, 2300 m, 28.x. 1982, J.T. Huber [1 female, UCRC]. MORELOS, Amatlán, 14 km N of Yautepec, 29.x. 1982, J.T. Huber, A. González­Hernández [3 females, UCRC]. NUEVO LEÓN: Monterrey, Chipinque, 1000 m, 2.xi. 1982, J.T. Huber, A. González­Hernández [3 females, UCRC]. Municipio Allende, Raíces, Río Ramos, 9.vii. 1983, F. Reyes­Vélez [1 female, UCRC]. Municipio El Carmen, El Carmen, 10.vii. 1983, A. González­Hernández, F. Reyes­Vélez [3 females, 6 males, UCRC]. Municipio Guadalupe, Rincón de la Sierra, 11.vii. 1983, A. González­Hernández [1 female, UCRC]. Municipio Santiago, El Cercado, Hacienda Las Tres Blanquitas, 9.vii. 1983, M.A. Rodríguez­Pérez [6 females, UCRC]. VERACRUZ, Fortín de las Flores, 30.x. 1982, J.T. Huber, A. González­Hernández [11 females, 1 male, UCRC]. HONDURAS. OLANCHO, Montaña del Malacate, 15 °08’04’’N, 85 ° 35 ’ 36 ’’W, 3.vii. 2002, D. Yanega [1 female, UCRC]. USA. CALIFORNIA: Los Angeles Co., Monrovia: 28.xi– 7.xii. 2004, B.V. Brown, 1 female; 14–21.xii. 2004, B.V. Brown [4 females, 1 male, UCRC]. Santa Monica Mountains, Big Rock Rd., 34 °02’N, 118 ° 37 ’W, 12–18.vi. 1997, M.E. Irwin [6 females, 1 male, UCDC]. Riverside Co.: Riverside: UCR campus, 1.v. 2001, A. Al­Wahaibi (emerged 5–9.v. 2001 from Homalodisca sp., likely H. liturata , egg mass on jojoba) [1 male, UCRC]; 22.iv. 2002, T. Pinkard (on citrus) [1 female, 2 males, UCRC]; 26.iv. 2002, B. Carey (on citrus) [1 female, UCRC]. Temecula, 22.vi. 1999, M. Blua (ex. H. coagulata eggs on grapefruit) [3 females, UCRC]. San Diego Co., San Diego, 28.iii. 1977 (ex. leafhopper eggs on citrus) [2 females, SDMC]. Ventura Co.: Fillmore: 1.v. 1997, J. Dyckes (ex. H. coagulata eggs on laurel sumac) [1 female, UCRC]; 4.vi. 1998, J. Dyckes (ex. H. coagulata eggs on lemon) [4 females, 1 male, UCRC]; 18.vi. 1998, J. Dyckes (ex. H. coagulata eggs on laurel sumac) [1 female, UCRC]; 20.v. 1999, R. Fenton (ex. H. coagulata eggs on laurel sumac) [4 females, 2 males, UCRC]; 3.v. 2001, P. Phillips et al. (ex. H. coagulata eggs on lemon) [1 female, UCRC]; 26.ii. 2002, P. Thalken (from H. coagulata eggs on eucalyptus) [numerous females, CSAC]. Near Santa Paula, 30.iii– 5.iv. 2001, B. Carey (from H. coagulata egg) [1 female, UCRC]. Ventura, 25.iii. 2002, C. Payne (from H. coagulata eggs on sapote) [numerous females, UCRC]. FLORIDA, Jefferson Co., Monticello: 2.vii. 1997, S.V. Triapitsyn (on cultivated grapes) [4 females, UCRC]; 19.v. 2001, R. Mizell, III [2 females, UCRC]; 12.iv. 2002, R. Mizell, III [1 male, UCRC]; 2.iv. 2002, R. Mizell, III [1 female, UCRC]. ILLINOIS, Hardin Co.: Elizabethtown, 5.viii. 1932, H.L. Dozier [1 female, USNM]. Shawnee National Forest, ca. 2 mi. W of Cadiz Camp, 13–14.iv. 2004, S.V. Triapitsyn [1 female, UCRC]. LOUISIANA, East Baton Rouge Parish, Baton Rouge, adult H. coagulata caged on crape myrtle leaves 10.vi. 2003, cage removed and eggs exposed 15.vi. 2003, leaves with parasitized eggs removed and sent to UCR quarantine 23.vi. 2003 by D.V. Chouljenko, parasitoid emerged in UCR quarantine 3.vii. 2003, coll. D. Vickerman [1 female, UCRC]. MARYLAND, Montgomery Co., Silver Spring, 7–11.vii. 1980, E.E. Grissell [1 female, UCRC]. Wicomico Co., Parsonsburg, 11–31.viii. 2000, S. & M. Gondal [2 females, 1 male, UCRC]. NEW YORK, Queens Co., Long Island, North Floral Park: 2.vi. 1984, D. Yanega [1 female, UCRC]; 8.v. 1985, D. Yanega [1 female, UCRC]. WEST VIRGINIA, Cabell Co., Barboursville, 8.vii. 1998, J.D. Pinto [1 male, UCRC].


The main distinguishing features of this species are as follows (after Huber 1988). Body length (female) 912–1232. Body generally dark brown. Longitudinal sensilla usually present on F 3 –F 8 of the female antenna (F 4 rarely lacking sensilla); F 1 and F 2 usually without sensilla (F 2 rarely with 1 longitudinal sensillum). Submedial carinae on the propodeum prominent, uniformly thickened, reaching the dorsellum. Forewing ( Fig. 28 View FIGURES 26 – 28 ) hyaline or with a faint uniform brown tinge, and usually with a distinct infumate spot just beyond the stigmal vein; microtrichia of blade absent behind venation except for a few setae behind apex of stigmal vein.


Canada (Nova Scotia), Mexico, Honduras (new record), and USA (Arkansas, Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii [new record], Illinois, Kansas, Louisiana, Maryland, Missouri, Mississippi, New York [new record], Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, West Virginia [new record]).


Graphocephala coccinea (Förster) , G. versuta (Say) , Homalodisca coagulata (Say) , H. liturata Ball , and very likely (although not yet documented) Oncometopia orbona (Fabricius) . This very distinctive species usually attacks mostly the first (early spring) brood of H. coagulata in southern California.


Canadian National Collection Insects


University of California, Riverside


Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon


R. M. Bohart Museum of Entomology


Smithsonian Institution, National Museum of Natural History


University of Newcastle














Gonatocerus novifasciatus Girault, 1911

Triapitsyn, Serguei V. 2006

Gonatocerus novifasciatus

Huber 1988: 63

Gonatocerus novifasciatus

Girault 1911: 266