Pectenoniscus Andersson, 1960,

Campos-Filho, Ivanklin Soares, Fernandes, Camile Sorbo, Cardoso, Giovanna Monticelli, Bichuette, Maria Elina, Aguiar, José Otávi, 2019, Two new species and new records of terrestrial isopods (Crustacea, Isopoda, Oniscidea) from Brazilian caves, Zootaxa 4564 (2), pp. 422-448: 430

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Pectenoniscus Andersson, 1960


Genus Pectenoniscus Andersson, 1960 

Type species. Pectenoniscus angulatus Andersson, 1960  by monotypy.

Emended diagnosis. Animals of small size, ca. 3 mm in length. Colour and eyes absent. Cephalon with suprantennal line, frontal line absent. Body slender, pereonites with lateral sides almost parallel, pleon narrower than pereon, with epimera more or less developed. Dorsal surface of cephalon and pereon distinctly granulated, pleon smooth. Telson triangular with lateral sides concave and rounded apex. Antennula of three articles, aesthetascs arranged in one longitudinal row. Antenna with flagellum of 3–5 articles, apical organ bearing free sensilla. Mandibles with stout molar process, two free penicils on left and one on right. Maxillula inner endite with three penicils; outer endite bearing nine teeth. Uropod with endopod inserted proximally to exopod. Male pleopod 1 endopod of two articles, distal article flagelliform. Male pleopod 2 endopod stout, consisting of two articles.