Takiyaella daniela, Gonçalves & Domahovski, 2021

Gonçalves, Clayton C. & Domahovski, Alexandre C., 2021, A new genus and five new species of Neocoelidiinae leafhoppers from Brazil (Insecta: Hemiptera: Cicadellidae) with a key to males, European Journal of Taxonomy 775, pp. 34-61 : 48-50

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Takiyaella daniela

gen. et sp. nov.

Takiyaella daniela gen. et sp. nov.


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Male pygofer ( Fig. 7E View Fig ) expanded apically, with two lobes, a larger dorsal lobe and a smaller subacute apical lobe. Aedeagus ( Fig. 7J–K View Fig ) with atrial processes bifid, dorsal ramus about 3 × as large as ventral ramus, both acute. shaft expanded laterally forming small process on each side.


The specific epithet is a tribute to Prof. Dr Daniela Maeda Takiya in recognition of her remarkable contribution to our knowledge of the Brazilian Auchenorrhyncha , and also in gratitude for her great friendship and for bringing the first author to the study of leafhoppers. The species epithet is treated as a noun in apposition.

Material examined

Holotype BRAZIL • ♂; Rio de Janeiro, [Itatiaia], P[arque] N[acional] do Itatiaia , Travessia Rui Braga ; 22°25′50.4″ S, 44°37′12.6″ W; alt. 1100 m; 12 Oct. 2003; D.M. Takiya, C. Moraes and C.C. Gonçalves leg.; sweep; DZRJ-AUCH #244; DZRJ. GoogleMaps

Paratypes BRAZIL – Rio de Janeiro • 1 ♂; Itatiaia, Parque Nacional do Itatiaia, Setor Lago Azul , mata; 22°27′1.10″ S, 44°36′55.30″ W; alt. 830 m; 1 Jul.–3 Aug. 2015; Biota FAPERJ leg.; malaise; MNRJ GoogleMaps 1 ♂; Itatiaia, P[arque] N[acional] do Itatiaia , Alojamento 2; 22°27′7.86″ S, 44°36′27.95″ W; alt. 840 m; 25–29 Oct. 2019; A.C. Domahovski leg.; sweep; DZUP-083607 ; DZUP GoogleMaps .


MEASUREMENTS (mm). Holotype (♂): total length 6.5. Paratypes (♂): 6.3–6.6 (n = 2).

COLORATION. Pale yellow ( Fig. 12G–H View Fig ). Forewing ( Fig. 7D View Fig ) translucent, with three small dark maculae on claval comissure: first, between base and second anal vein; second between anal veins and third on apex of clavus and extending to brachial cell.

HEAD AND THORAX. External morphological characters as in generic description.

MALE TERMINALIA. Pygofer, in lateral view ( Fig. 7E View Fig ), 1.8 × as long as maximum height, expanded apically; dorsal margin with prominent preapical lobe; caudal margin with ventral subacute lobe; ventral tooth broadly rounded; apical portion with inner integument thickening. Subgenital plate, in lateral view ( Fig. 7F View Fig ), subtriangular, 2.9 × as long as maximum height; in ventral view ( Fig. 7G View Fig ), subovoid, lateral margins converging towards apex; ventral surface with pair of uniseriate rows of 3–4 macrosetae; apex acute. Connective ( Fig. 7H View Fig ) V-shaped, total length approximately ⅔ length of style; stem very short. Style ( Fig. 7H–I View Fig ) with apophysis elongated and robust. Aedeagus ( Fig. 7J–K View Fig ) with pair of bifid atrial process: dorsal ramus about ⅓ length of shaft, directed dorsally, anterior to curvature of shaft; ventral ramus approximately ⅓ length of dorsal ramus, directed posteriorly, posterior to curvature of shaft; shaft tubular, slightly flattened dorsoventrally at apex, ventral surface with longitudinal row of denticles on each side, extending from base to apex, apical portion expanded laterally forming small process on each side. Anal tube ( Fig. 7E View Fig ) with sternite X long and tubular, without basiventral process.

FEMALE TERMINALIA. Female unknown.


Takiyaella daniela gen. et sp. nov. is easily distinguished from other species of the genus by having atrial process bifid apically ( Fig. 7J–K View Fig ).


Brazil, Parana, Curitiba, Universidade Federal do Parana, Museu de Entomologia Pe. Jesus Santiago Moure


Museu Nacional/Universidade Federal de Rio de Janeiro


Universidade Federal do Parana, Colecao de Entomologia Pe. Jesus Santiago Moure