Polauchenia cf. marcapata Wygodzinsky, 1966,

Forero, Dimitri, 2006, New records of Reduviidae (Hemiptera: Heteroptera) from Colombia and other Neotropical countries, Zootaxa 1107, pp. 1-47: 11

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http://doi.org/ 10.5281/zenodo.171458

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Polauchenia cf. marcapata Wygodzinsky, 1966


Polauchenia cf. marcapata Wygodzinsky, 1966 

The genus Polauchenia McAtee & Malloch, 1925  , includes five species ( Maldonado 1990). The only examined specimen ( Fig. 21View FIGURES 19 – 27) is very close to P. marcapata  , but the humeral angles of the pronotum are pointed rather than blunt, and the color pattern of the hemelytra is less marked than in P. marcapata  . Since the specimen is in not in a very good condition, additional ones are needed to reaffirm the identification. P. marcapata  is known only from the Amazon basin in Peru and Bolivia ( Wygodzinsky 1966). The species listed here and P. protentor  (see below) are the first generic record from Colombia.

Material examined: COLOMBIA, 1 Ψ, [Cundinamarca], Tena [04º 39 ’N­ 74 º 2 ’W, 1380 m], 24 ­X­ 1974, C. Vargas / maleza [ UNAB].


Universidad Nacional, Facultad de Agronomia