Pteroptrix orientalis (Silvestri)

Suh, Soo-Jung, 2021, Parasitoids (Hymenoptera: Chalcidoidea) of the white peach scale, Pseudaulacaspis pentagona (Targioni-Tozzetti) (Hemiptera: Diaspididae) on Prunus salicina Lindl. (Rosales: Rosaceae) in South Korea, Insecta Mundi 2021 (885), pp. 1-5: 4

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Pteroptrix orientalis (Silvestri)


4. Pteroptrix orientalis (Silvestri)  

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Description. Body about 1 mm long, head generally yellow, thorax yellow to light brownish yellow except pronotum, mid lobe of mesoscutum largely, axillae, metanotum and propodeum brown to blackish brown, abdomen brown to blackish brown; antenna 8-segmented (1,1,3,3), antennal flagellum relatively longer, all the flagellar segments about equal in width, F3 longer than wide; forewing hyaline, about 3.2 × as long as wide, the longest marginal fringe about 0.5 × as long as the greatest width of the wing, wing disc moderately densely setose from the level of the base of the marginal vein to the wing apex; ovipositor protruding a little at the gastral apex, 1.8 × as long as the middle tibia; legs with all tarsi four-segmented.

Material examined. Korea. GB: 119, Hyeoksin 8-ro, Gimcheon-si, 16 females, ex. P. pentagona   on P. salicina   , 5-iv-2020 (S.J. Suh); 167-4, Seokjeong-ri, Yechoen-eup, Yechoen-gun, 20 females, ex. P. pentagona   on P. salicina   , 22-iv-2020 (S.J. Suh); Bongcheon 2-ri, Nam-myeon, Gimcheon-si, 14 females, ex. P. pentagona   on P. salicina   , 12-v-2020 (S.J. Suh); 308 Obong-ri, Nam-myeon, Gimcheon-si, 16 females, ex. P. pentagona   on P. salicina   , 1-vii- 2020 (S.J. Suh).