Robillard, Tony & Desutter-Grandcolas, Laure, 2008, Clarification of the taxonomy of extant crickets of the subfamily Eneopterinae (Orthoptera: Grylloidea; Gryllidae), Zootaxa 1789, pp. 66-68: 67

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http://doi.org/ 10.5281/zenodo.182523

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Lebinthini   Robillard, 2004 (in Robillard and Desutter-Grandcolas 2004 a)

Type genus: Lebinthus Stål  

Included genera:

Agnotecous Saussure   (type species: Agnotecous tapinopus Saussure   )

Cardiodactylus Saussure   (type species: Cardiodactylus novaeguineae (Haan)  

Lebinthus Stål   (type species: Lebinthus bitaeniatus (Stål)  

Synonym name: Paraneopterus Saussure

This synonymy has been previously proposed by Bolivar (1889) who observed that Paraeneopterus   differs from Lebinthus   only by the lack of wings of the female holotype of the only species, P. bitaeniatus Saussure   , which was renamed Lebinthus sausureii Bolivar   to avoid homonymy with Lebinthus bitaeniatus Stål. The   genus and afferent species was revived by Chopard (1968); however, new examination of the type specimen in the Naturhistorisches Museum, Vienna ( TR pers. obs.) confirms the synonymy with Lebinthus   , and especially with the species L. bitaeniatus   . Furthermore, it seems that the lack of wings of the female type could be due to an artefact of preservation of the specimen. The holotype of P. bitaeniatus   is similar to L. biteaniatus   in coloration, size, copulatory papilla, ovipositor and distribution ( Philippines). The only valid species is thus L. bitaeniatus   , and L. sausureii   is a junior synonym of this species.