Aeolosaurus rionegrinus Powell, 1987,

Santucci, Rodrigo M. & De, Antonio C., 2011, A new sauropod (Macronaria, Titanosauria) from the Adamantina Formation, Bauru Group, Upper Cretaceous of Brazil and the phylogenetic relationships of Aeolosaurini, Zootaxa 3085, pp. 1-33: 5-6

publication ID 10.5281/zenodo.205522

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Aeolosaurus rionegrinus Powell, 1987


Aeolosaurus rionegrinus Powell, 1987 

Derivation of name. rionegrinus  , in reference to the Río Negro Province where the specimen has been found ( Powell, 1987).

Holotype. MJG-R 1, seven anterior caudal vertebrae; incomplete scapulae; humeri; right ulna and radius; five metacarpals; nearly complete ischia; right tibia and fibula; astragalus; and incomplete fragments ( Powell, 1987).

Locality and Horizon. Angostura Colorada Formation, upper Campanian –lower Maastrichtian, Upper Cretaceous, Casa de Piedra, Río Negro Province, Argentina ( Powell, 1987).

Emended diagnosis. Titanosaur with the following unique association of characteristics: prezygapophyses directed mainly upward on anteriormost caudal vertebrae and slightly curved downward on the remaining anterior caudal vertebrae; prezygapophyseal articular facets widened by the presence of both a dorsal and a ventral protuberance on the prezygapophyses of the anterior caudal vertebrae; and apex of the convexity of the posterior articulation strongly displaced upward, so that the apex is flushed to the level of the dorsal margin of the centrum on anterior and middle caudal vertebrae.