Limnioides nymphaea, Stenroos, 1898

Wallace, Robert Lee, Kordbacheh, Azar & Walsh, Elizabeth J., 2018, Key to the currently recognized species of Limnias Schrank, 1803 (Rotifera, Monogononta, Gnesiotrocha, Flosculariidae), Zootaxa 4442 (2), pp. 307-318 : 314

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Limnioides nymphaea


Limnias nymphaea Stenroos, 1898

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Limnias melicerta nymphae: Koste, 1978

Types: None designated.

Type locality: Lake Nurmijärvi ( Finland).

Diagnosis. Tube dark gray, set with grains of sand. Ventral antennae short. Dorsal gap in corona unknown. Dorsal nodules present (n = 14 in 3 rows: 6,6,2).

Measurements: Total tube length 510–650 µm.

Comments. The etymon of this genus is apparently a reference to the plant substratum, Nuphar -Blätte (sic), on which Stenroos (1898) found specimens. Amictic, male, and diapausing embryos undescribed. This species was described from a single occurrence on the leaves of Nuphar sp. in Lake Nurmijärvi ( Finland). Koste (1978) states that this species may be a form of L. melicerta .