Limnioides cornuella, Rousselet, 1889

Wallace, Robert Lee, Kordbacheh, Azar & Walsh, Elizabeth J., 2018, Key to the currently recognized species of Limnias Schrank, 1803 (Rotifera, Monogononta, Gnesiotrocha, Flosculariidae), Zootaxa 4442 (2), pp. 307-318 : 310

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Limnioides cornuella


Limnias cornuella Rousselet, 1889

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Types: None designated

Type locality: Hot-house tank; Gardens of the Royal Botanic Society, Regent’s Park (U.K).

Diagnosis. Tube ringed as in melicerta species group, smaller (1/ 2x) in size then either L. ceratophylli (≤1500 µm) or L. melicerta (≤500 µm); curved or twisted; transparent at base and top and opaque between. Ventral antennae long. Dorsal gap in corona unknown. Koste (1978) reports dorsal nodules as either 4 or 10.

Comments. The etymon of this species (L., cornu, horn + L., ella, diminutive) is in reference to the shape of the tube. Trophi: no available information. Amictic, male, and diapausing embryos undescribed. Apparently this species has not been reported since the original description of Rousselet (1889). Placed as a subspecific taxon within the L. melicerta species group by Koste (1978). Although this species was presented as species inquirenda by Segers (2007), it may be distinguished from other members of the L. melicerta species complex by its long ventral antennae and the number of dorsal nodules (n=4).