Astyanax fasciatus (Cuvier, 1819)

Diniz, Paulo Baltazar, Siqueira, Hatus de Oliveira, Faleiros, Tâmer de Oliveira, Pereira, Nycolas Levy, Senhorini, José Augusto, Esguícero, André Luiz Henríques & Bertelli, Célio, 2019, Fishes from lakes and tributaries of the Rio Santa Bárbara, Sapucaí-Mirim / Grande hydrographic basin, São Paulo, Brazil, Check List 15 (4), pp. 629-640: 633

publication ID 10.15560/15.4.629

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Astyanax fasciatus (Cuvier, 1819)


Astyanax fasciatus (Cuvier, 1819)  

Figure 5F

Original description. Chalceus fasciatus Cuvier 1819: 352   , pl. 26.

Geographic distribution. Widely distributed in drainages from Mexico to Argentina.

Materials examined. Vouchered materials: LIRP 15733, 15752, 15753, 15769, 15780, and 15791; Sampling sites A, B, C, and I of Table 1. Non‑vouchered materials: Sampling sites J, K, and L of Table 1.

Identification. Terminal mouth; premaxilla with 5 teeth in the internal row, outer with 4 or 5 teeth, dentary with 10–12 teeth, and maxillary toothless; 34–36 lateral‑line scales; 24–28 anal-fin rays; black vertically elongated humeral blotch.


Laboratorio de Ictiologia, Faculdade de Filosofia