Meriola nague Platnick & Ewing

González, María E., Grismado, Cristian J. & Ramírez, Martín J., 2021, A Taxonomic Revision Of The Spider Genus Meriola Banks (Araneae: Trachelidae), Zootaxa 4936 (1), pp. 1-113 : 72

publication ID 10.11646/zootaxa.4936.1.1

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Meriola nague Platnick & Ewing


Meriola nague Platnick & Ewing View in CoL

Figs 55–57 View FIGURE 55 View FIGURE 56 View FIGURE 57 , 93 View FIGURE 93

Meriola nague Platnick & Ewing, 1995: 14 View in CoL , figs 24–28 (male holotype from Choapa , Región de Coquimbo (IV), Chile, in AMNH, not examined).

Diagnosis. Males ( Figs 56 View FIGURE 56 , 57 View FIGURE 57 a–d) resemble those of M. virgata by the sinuous embolus with a retrolateral origin, but differ by the shorter and more slender RTA, and thinner embolus. Females ( Figs 55 View FIGURE 55 , 57 View FIGURE 57 g–i) resemble those of M. virgata by their epigyne with a median excavation, but which is narrower, and the CDR and S1 are transversally arranged, between the S2 ( Platnick & Ewing 1995: fig. 28).

Description. Male and female described by Platnick & Ewing (1995).

Natural history and habitat. The specimens were found between 400–1400 m of altitude, in forest of Peamus boldus and bushes of Maytenus boaria .

Distribution. Known from central Chile, Regions of Coquimbo, Valparaíso and Metropolitana, and one isolated record from Malleco Province (reported by Platnick & Ewing 1995) ( Fig. 93 View FIGURE 93 ).

New records. CHILE: Región V de Valparaíso: Provincia de Valparaíso: Sendero a Quebrada El Tigre , 2.3 km E de Zapallar (MJR-loc-03), S 32.55368°, W 71.43493°, elev. 348–357 m, 12.II.2011, forest of Peumus boldus, M. Ramírez, E. Soto & J. Pizarro , 1 female (temporary preparations MGM-00214–15 ( MACN-Ar 30971 ) GoogleMaps . Región RM Metropolitana de Santiago: Valle del Río Mapocho entre El Arrayán y Farellones, S 33.324727°, W 70.370685°, 15.X.1958 – 8.VI.1960, pitfall traps, W. Noodt, 1 female ( MNHS 337 ) GoogleMaps . Región VII del Maule: Provincia de Curicó: Ruta J-55, 30 km W de Los Queñes (MJR-loc-75), S 35.06316°, W 70.51248°, elev. 1406 m, 8.II.2012, Maytenus boaria (maitenes) bushes, M. Ramírez, M. Izquierdo, P. Michalik, C. Wirknler & K. Huckstorf, 1 male, sample MAI-04063, temporary preparations MAI-00994, MGM-00216–18 ( MACN-Ar 29171 ) GoogleMaps .














Meriola nague Platnick & Ewing

González, María E., Grismado, Cristian J. & Ramírez, Martín J. 2021

Meriola nague

Platnick, N. I. & Ewing, C. 1995: 14
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