Pelopidas Walker, 1870,

Cock, Matthew J. W. & Congdon, Colin E., 2012, Observations on the biology of Afrotropical Hesperiidae (Lepidoptera) principally from Kenya. Part 4. Hesperiinae: Aeromachini and Baorini, Zootaxa 3438, pp. 1-42: 11

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Pelopidas Walker, 1870


Pelopidas Walker, 1870 

Walker (1870) introduced this genus (without describing it) for his new species, P. m i d e a, now considered to be a synonym of P. t h r a x (Hübner) ( Evans 1937 a). In his revision of the African Hesperiidae, Evans (1937 a)  included 16 species in Pelopidas  , but when he revised the Eurasian and Australian Hesperiidae ( Evans 1949)  he introduced a new genus, Borbo  , for most of these, together with three Asian species. Pelopidas  was thus restricted to two species found in Africa and Asia, P. mathias  and P. t h r a x, and seven other Asian species. Evans (1949) separated the two genera on the basis that Pelopidas  has a cell spot on the hind wing underside while Borbo  does not, the mid tibia of Pelopidas  are heavily spined whereas those of Borbo  are unspined (Asian species and some African species) or weakly spined (some African species), and males of Pelopidas  generally have a discal stigma on the forewing upper surface, not seen in Borbo  . The latter character holds good for all African species of the two genera.