Brusa Evans, 1937,

Cock, Matthew J. W. & Congdon, Colin E., 2012, Observations on the biology of Afrotropical Hesperiidae (Lepidoptera) principally from Kenya. Part 4. Hesperiinae: Aeromachini and Baorini, Zootaxa 3438, pp. 1-42: 6

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Brusa Evans, 1937


Brusa Evans, 1937 

Regrettably we have no information regarding the biology of this genus. The distribution of the two known species is centred on south-eastern DR Congo, extending into Angola, north-western Zambia, and the western mountains of Tanzania. Ivan Bampton & TCEC found B. allardi Berger  on and around rocks in dry country near Shiwa Ng’andu in eastern Zambia. Kielland (1990) states that it is “very local in Tanzania, but common in patches during the dry season … always settling on rocks or bare ground … cryptic markings and colour blend with the lichen on the rocks”. In contrast, according to Kielland (1990), B. saxicola Neave  settles frequently on flowers and low herbs. Kielland speculates that B. allardi  may oviposit on lichen but that seems unlikely.