Simaiakis, Stylianos Michail, Zapparoli, Marzio, Minelli, Alessandro & Bonato, Lucio, 2013, The centipede fauna (Chilopoda) of the island of Cyprus, with one new lithobiomorph species, Zootaxa 3647 (2), pp. 279-306: 298-299

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* Schizotaenia   sp.

Material examined: 1 Ƥ.

Sites: 161 ( Fig. 19 View FIGURE 19 ).

Habitats. Phryganic formations with Sarcopoterium spinosum   . Altitudinal range: known only from a site at 600 m. Range of leg pairs recorded in Cyprus. 65 (Ƥ).

Remarks. The genus Schizotaenia   includes half a dozen species and was previously known only from Tropical Africa (Minelli et al. 2006; Bonato 2011). This is the first record from the W-Palearctic region, although the record ofthe nominal species Porethus pauciporus Chamberlin, 1952   from Cyprus in Fauna Europaea (Enghoff, 2004) could actually refer to Schizotaenia   . The species identity of the material examined is uncertain, needing evaluation with respect to other species known in the genus. Specimens probably conspecific with the female from Cyprus have been collected in South-East Anatolia (near Iskenderun; M. Zapparoli, unpublished).