Hemicrepidius soccifer (LeConte, 1876)

Etzler, Frank E., 2020, A Revision of the Genus Hemicrepidius Germar, 1839 (Coleoptera: Elateridae) of the New World, with Comments on Global Classification, The Coleopterists Bulletin (mo 18) 74, pp. 1-126 : 81-83

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https://doi.org/ 10.1649/0010-065X-74.mo18.1

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Hemicrepidius soccifer (LeConte, 1876)


Hemicrepidius soccifer (LeConte, 1876)

( Figs. 7d–e View Fig , 39a–e View Fig , 41a View Fig )

Asaphes soccifer LeConte 1876: 516 ; Horn 1880: 73.

Hemicrepidius soccifer (LeConte) : Leng 1920: 170; Van Dyke 1932: 445.

Diagnosis. Hemicrepidius soccifer can be distinguished from all congeners by the combination of a sinuate posterior margin of the hypomeron with a short, truncate hind angle projection, a slightly curved prosternal process in lateral view, and serrate antennomeres with dense setation, in most lacking an impunctate medial line.

It is most similar to H. brooksi , H. carbonatus , and H. mescalero , and the characters to separate these species can be found under the diagnoses of those species above. Many previous records of H. carbonatus actually belong to this species. Historically, some specimens have also been misidentified as H. decoloratus or H. tumescens , but these two species are not likely to be confused with H. soccifer with the new key to species.

Redescription. Length 10.0–18.0 mm, width 2.5–5.0 mm; color variable, red-brown to brownblack, in many elytra not contrasting with pronotum, in some elytra paler than brown-black pronotum, yellow-brown to brown; in some, legs, posterior edge of pronotum, and edges of ventral segments paler; integument dull to shining. Setae short, depressed, in most yellow, a few brown-black. Head: Punctures subumbilicate, nearly contiguous; frons weakly concave anteromedially in dorsal view; frontal carina broadly rounded to roughly Vshaped, complete when viewed from front, frontoclypeal region reduced to thin line or absent medially, frontal carina at most weakly projecting; eyes moderate, rounded, ocular index 65–75 (n = 4); antenna serrate, antennomere 2 weakly subcylindrical, slightly longer than wide, antennomere 3 subtriangular and 2× length of 2, setation intermediate between antennomeres 2 and 4, antennomere 3 subequal in length to 4, antennomeres 4–11 becoming narrower apically, 2× longer than wide basally to about 3× longer than wide apically, antennomeres 4–11 with subtle medial line bearing less setae than edges, appearing completely densely setose in some specimens, antennomere 11 with tip constricted, antenna reaching pronotal posterior edge to extending past it by 3 antennomeres. Prothorax: Pronotum as wide as long to 1.1× wider than long, widest at hind angles or at midlength; sides weakly arcuate, gradually narrowing on anterior half, in some slightly dorso-ventrally compressed apically along lateral edge; hind angles in most slightly divergent, sinuate laterally just anterior of hind angle, in some subparallel, dorsal carina present, thin, in some interrupted by punctures, subparallel to lateral margin or slightly directed antero-medially; punctures on disc in most equal in size to punctures on head, subumbilicate, a few smaller, appearing simple, in all separated by one puncture diameter or less, punctures closer and larger laterally, subumbilicate, nearly contiguous, separated by half a puncture diameter or less; posterior edge with sublateral notches. Hypomeron with subumbilicate punctures, same size as lateral pronotal punctures or slightly smaller, nearly contiguous anteriorly and becoming less dense posteriorly, presence of impunctate area variable, in some large, semicircular, on posterior one-fourth, to no impunctate area present, intermediates common; posterior edge sinuate ( Fig. 39c View Fig ), in some hind angle visible in lateral and ventral view only at tip, which is weakly projecting and truncate. Prosternum with punctation smaller than punctation on hypomeron, simple, punctures nearly touching laterally, less dense medially; anterior lobe straight to weakly deflexed, short, broadly rounded, not covering ventral mouthparts; prosternal process curved dorsad between procoxae in lateral view, moderately deep and straight past procoxae. Pterothorax: Mesoventral cavity with lateral edges sinuate, not visible anteriad mesocoxae in lateral view; posterior edge of cavity truncate. Metaventrite with punctures simple, smaller than punctures on hypomeron, separated by one half to one puncture diameter throughout. Scutellar shield elongate, about twice as long as wide, narrowly rounded posteriorly, sides sinuate, dorsal surface weakly convex, anterior margin nearly straight, setae radiating from midline, similar in length and color to setae on pronotum and elytra. Elytral striae weakly impressed basally; interstriae flat to slightly convex, punctures small, even, giving wrinkled appearance; basal carina simple. Legs with lobes on tarsomeres 2 and 3 subequal, narrow, not visible dorsally, or with lobe on 2 slightly smaller than 3, lobe on tarsomere 4 minute, visible only ventrally, lobe on tarsomere 1 smallest, barely visible ventrally. Abdominal ventrites: Punctures simple, smaller than punctures on metaventrite, dense, separated by half a puncture diameter laterally, less dense medially; fifth ventrite narrowly to broadly rounded; sides of each ventrite with microserrations. Male genitalia ( Figs. 39d, e View Fig ): Parameres subparallel on basal two-thirds and slightly sinuate basal to sharply acute (<45°) or hooked pre-apical expansion, which extends laterally past base of paramere, apex of parameres acute, slightly membranous, setose ventral patch near preapical expansion with 8–9 dorsal apical setae. Median lobe narrow, subparallel for most of length before narrowing at apex; basal struts forming 90- degree angles directed latero-basally. Basal piece with majority of area membranous, broadly rounded medially.

Distribution. Specimens were examined from the following provinces and states: CANADA: AB, SK; MEXICO: CI, DG, JA; UNITED STATES: AZ, CA, CO, KS, MT, NE, NM, NV, OR, SD, UT, WA, WY ( Fig. 41a View Fig ).

Notes. The distribution presented here expands the range of this species much farther north than previously recognized. Brooks’ (1960) concept of H. carbonatus likely represents H. soccifer based on the Montana specimens examined. These Montana specimens always matched typical H. soccifer specimens in molecular analyses ( Figs. 1, 2 View Figs ). True H. carbonatus also never have yellow setae, a character mentioned by Brooks, which is quite common in H. soccifer .

This species has quite a bit of variation across its range, hence it being keyed out in multiple areas within the key. Despite this variation, male genitalia are consistent across all forms, and molecular data group the forms together ( Figs. 1, 2 View Figs ). This variation may be due to the many mountain ranges that have isolated populations throughout the region. General trends in populations are as follows: Rocky Mountain eastern slope and Great Plains specimens will be dark brown with yellow setae and moderately dense pronotal punctation with punctures separated by a half to one puncture diameter; Great Basin to Mexico specimens will be brown-black to black with brown-black setae, and many with the pronotal punctation very dense, separated by a half puncture diameter or less; southwestern United States specimens will have the typical form of H. soccifer (figured). These regions overlap, with exceptions to these trends common.

The posterior edge of the hypomeron in H. soccifer is sinuate, and in most specimens the hind angle is only weakly visible ventrally. Uncommonly, this hind angle is more pronounced, but never as emarginate as in H. carbonatus ( Fig. 15c View Fig ). This, along with the sinuate metacoxal plate, will help to separate the specimens of H. soccifer that approach H. carbonatus in appearance.

Some specimens even recall specimens of H. decoloratus , with Becker (undated label) wondering if one specimen was mislabeled. The antennae of these specimens are much more serrate relative to true H. decoloratus and the prosternal process is also curved.

I have also seen some specimens of H. soccifer identified as H. tumescens . This may result from the fact that some specimens of H. soccifer lack a clear impunctate area on the posterior area of the hypomeron, and would have keyed out incorrectly in Horn (1880). These two species are quite distinct from one another and with the key above and figures provided here, should no longer be confused.

Larvae have not been associated for this species.

Types Examined. Of Asaphes soccifer : Holotype: N.M./ A. soccifer Lec. / Type 2613; male; type locality New Mexico; in MCZC.

Horn Collection (2, MCZC). N.M. (2).

Other Specimens Examined (289). CANADA: West Canada / coll. Janson (2, BMNH) . Alberta: Edmonton , 10-VII-1918, VIII-1-[19]18, F. S. Carr (1, CASC; 1, MCZC, MCZ-ENT00641967 ) ; Writing-On-Stone PP, 30 JUN 1998, E. Fuller (1, ERFC) . Saskatchewan: Grenfell , 11-7-[19]60, Inc., F.I.S. / W60-1705-05, Salix sp. , coll./ 20 (1, ERFC) . British Columbia or Saskatchewan: VII- 20/ C. A. Frost collection (2, MCZC, MCZ- ENT00641965, MCZ-ENT00641969 ) . MEXICO: Chihuahua: Garcia , Chih., Jl-1931, Beck and Call (1, BYUC) . Durango: Ciudad , Durango, Hoge (1, BMNH) ; Ciudad , 8100ft, Forrer (3, BMNH) . Jalisco: Lago de Chapala, Jalisco , July-1940, L. W. Saylor (1, CASC) . UNITED STATES: Arizona: Apache Co., Lukachukai Creek , 4.6miles NE of Lukachukai, 2190m, 2-July-1984, Stop #84-9, D. H. & J. L. Kavanaugh (1, CASC) ; Big Lake , 22 mi SW Eager, 2700m, 15-VII-1976 / P. M. Hammond (1, BMNH) ; Chuska Mts , 2600m, 11-VII-1976 / P. M. Hammond (1, BMNH) ; Chuska Mts, 2250m, Wagonwheel Cmpgrnd. , 11-12-VII-1976 / at light/ P. M. Hammond (2, BMNH) ; Springrvil , 8-7-[19] 33, E. D. Ball (1, CASC) ; White Mts , 25mi W Springerville, elev. 10000’, 25-VII-[19]30, Meadows, E. R. Tinkham (1, CASC) ; White Mts , July-8-1933, July-13-1933, July-7-1945, Parker (8, CASC; 6, FSCA) ; White Mts, Strayhorse For. Cp. , Aug-9-1975, K. Stephens leg. (1, FSCA) ; [Cochise Co.], Chiricahua Mts. , Aug-6-1933, Bryant, Lot 211 (1, CASC) ; Chiricahua Mts , 7-36, E. S. Ross (1, CASC) ; Chiricahua Mts , 8600ft, July-15-1942, July-16-1942, H. A. Scullen, col. (3, OSAC0000836985 View Materials OSAC0000836987 View Materials ) ; Chiricahua Mts , VII-15-[19]42/ Van Dyke collection (1, CASC) ; Chiricahua Mts , 7-3-1947, Roger Olmsted (2, SEMC) ; Chiricahua M., VII-22-[19]52, VIII-2- [19]52, VIII-12-[19]52, VII-9-[19]59/ D. J. & J. N. Knull (5, FMNH) ; Chiricahua Mts , el. 8000ft / July- 16-1964, R. H. Arnett, Jr., and E. R. 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Florida State Collection of Arthropods, The Museum of Entomology


University of Kansas - Biodiversity Institute


Field Museum of Natural History


Montana State Entomology Collection


Louisiana State Arthropod Museum














Hemicrepidius soccifer (LeConte, 1876)

Etzler, Frank E. 2020

Hemicrepidius soccifer (LeConte)

Van Dyke 1932: 445
Leng 1920: 170

Asaphes soccifer

Horn 1880: 73
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