Hemicrepidius decoloratus (Say, 1863)

Etzler, Frank E., 2020, A Revision of the Genus Hemicrepidius Germar, 1839 (Coleoptera: Elateridae) of the New World, with Comments on Global Classification, The Coleopterists Bulletin (mo 18) 74, pp. 1-126 : 36-38

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https://doi.org/ 10.1649/0010-065X-74.mo18.1

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Hemicrepidius decoloratus (Say, 1863)


Hemicrepidius decoloratus (Say, 1863) , status resurrected

( Figs. 16a–e View Fig , 17b View Fig )

Elater decoloratus Say 1836: 180 .

Asaphes decoloratus (Say) : LeConte 1853: 151; Candèze 1863: 216; Horn 1880: 73; Blatchley 1910: 770.

Hemicrepidius decoloratus (Say) : Leng 1920: 170; Schenkling 1927: 414; Dietrich 1945: 29; Hayes and Wheeler 1968: 207; Becker 1979a: 410 (as synonym of H. hemipodus ).

Diagnosis. Hemicrepidius decoloratus can be distinguished from all other Hemicrepidius by the following combination of features: A slightly convex center of the frons flanked by two indentions, when viewed from the front; a straight prosternal process; the slight pronotal hind angle projection on the hypomeron; and aedeagus with lateral edges of parameres subparallel on the basal two-thirds, sinuate basal to pre-apical expansion, apex of paramere acute ( Figs. 16d, e View Fig ).

Hemicrepidius decoloratus is very close in appearance to both H. hemipodus and H. indistinctus . From H. hemipodus , H. decoloratus can be distinguished by the punctation on the pronotum being smaller than the punctation on the head, the straight prosternal process, and the slight projection of the pronotal hind angle on the hypomeron. Many specimens of H. decoloratus are bicolored, with yellow-brown elytra and a brown-black or black pronotum, a combination which never appears in H. hemipodus . From H. indistinctus , H. decoloratus can be distinguished by the straight prosternal process, the convex area on the frons, and by having the pronotal punctures closer and larger laterally.

Redescription. Length 9.0–15.0 mm, width 3.0–4.0 mm; color variable, pronotum brown-black or black, sometimes with anterior edge, posterior edge, hind angles, margins of hypomeron, and anterior lobe of prosternum yellow-brown, elytra dark brown, brown, or yellow-brown, legs and antennae brown to yellow-brown, sometimes parts of head, parts of metathorax, and edges of abdominal ventrites lighter; integument shining. Setae moderately long, depressed, in most gray, in some yellow. Head: Punctures subumbilicate, nearly contiguous; frons with two weakly concave indentions lateral of a weakly convex center when viewed from front; frontal carina complete, roughly V-shaped, frontoclypeal region complete and narrow medially when viewed from front, frontal carina at most weakly projecting in lateral view; eyes moderate, rounded, moderately bulging, ocular index 65–73 (n = 4); antenna weakly serrate, antennomere 2 subcylindrical, antennomere 3 subcylindrical and 1.5× length of 2, with similar punctation to antennomere 2, antennomeres 4–11 about 3× longer than wide, each densely and uniformly punctate, antennomere 11 usually ovalshaped, sometimes with tip subtly constricted, antenna extending beyond pronotal posterior edge by 1–3 antennomeres. Prothorax: Pronotum as wide as long, or 1.1× wider than long, widest at hind angles or just anterior of midlength; sides weakly and broadly arcuate; hind angles divergent, dorsal carina present, thin, parallel to lateral carina, more pronounced in females; punctures small, appearing simple, separated by one to two puncture diameters on disc, punctures closer laterally, and larger, some clearly subumbilicate; posterior edge with sublateral notches. Hypomeron with punctures similar in size to pronotal punctures, subumbilicate or appearing simple, separated by less than a diameter of a puncture or nearly contiguous, posterior one-fourth with large impunctate area; posterior margin almost ear-like except for small projection at hind angle ( Fig. 16c View Fig ). Prosternum with punctation matching punctation on hypomeron, separated by 1.5× puncture diameter, further apart medially; anterior lobe slightly deflexed, short, broadly rounded, in many not covering ventral mouthparts; prosternal process narrow and straight past procoxae. Pterothorax: Mesoventral cavity with lateral edges sinuate, not visible anteriad of mesocoxae in lateral view; posterior edge of cavity truncate. Metaventrite with punctures simple, much smaller than punctures on hypomeron, dense laterally, nearly touching, becoming much less dense and sparser medially, separated by one puncture diameter or more. Scutellar shield elongate, about twice as long as wide, narrowly rounded posteriorly, sides sinuate, dorsal surface weakly convex, anterior margin nearly straight, setae radiating from midline, dense. Elytral striae weakly impressed basally; interstriae flat to slightly convex, punctures small, simple, and wellspaced; basal carina simple. Legs with tarsomere lobes broad, visible dorsally, lobe on tarsomere 3 largest, lobe on tarsomere 2 second largest, lobe on tarsomere 1 small, lobe on tarsomere 4 minute, barely visible ventrally. Abdominal ventrites: Punctures simple, similar to punctures on metaventrite, moderately dense, separated by one puncture diameter, further apart medially; fifth ventrite narrowly rounded; sides of each ventrite with microserrations small and difficult to see. Male genitalia ( Figs. 16d, e View Fig ): Parameres relatively wide, subparallel on basal two-thirds, strongly sinuate basal to pre-apical expansions, apical expansion pointed laterally; apex of paramere pointed, weakly membranous, ventral setose patch near pre-apical expansions, 3–5 dorsal apical setae. Median lobe broadly triangular, basal struts weakly curved latero-basally. Basal piece with membranous area transverse medially in ventral view.

Distribution. Specimens have been examined from the following states and provinces: CANADA: ON, QC; UNITED STATES: CT, IA, IL, IN, KS, MA, MD, ME, MI, NC, NE, NH, NJ, NY, OH, PA, TX, VA, WI, WV ( Fig. 17b View Fig ).

Notes. This species has been historically confused with H. hemipodus , which occurs in the same region. After careful study, I found that these two species are not the same, removing the synonymy that has existed since Horn (1880) [see also Becker (1979a) for discussion of synonymical issues]. The morphological observations have also been supported by preliminary molecular data ( Figs. 1–3 View Figs View Fig ). Hemicrepidius decoloratus is more often bicolored, with the elytra yellow brown, compared to the typically unicolorous H. hemipodus . However, unicolorous H. decoloratus are not uncommon.

Because of the historical confusion between H. hemipodus and H. decoloratus , I have designated a neotype from the LeConte collection. Due to this confusion, the following observations and associations should be interpreted with caution, as they could refer to either species.

Based on observations in an alfalfa field in New York State, a sex pheromone is suspected to be present (Hayes and Wheeler 1968). These observations are fairly typical for elaterids, with the males flying and moving towards females on alfalfa stalks in the field. However, no tests or studies have been conducted to verify or determine the chemical nature of these attractants.

Larvae have also been tentatively associated with this species ( Glen 1950). However, in examining the 28 vials from the INHS of larvae, exuviae, and adults identified as H. decoloratus , all adults were H. hemipodus . A re-evaluation of larval associations needs to be conducted using molecular methods.

I have examined a specimen in the BMNH collected from Antigua and identified as this species. The specimen belongs to the genus Monocrepidius Eschscholtz, 1829 [= Conoderus Eschscholtz, 1829 ; see Kundrata et al. (2019)], likely Monocrepidius bifoveatus (Palisot de Beauvois, 1805) or a related species. Hemicrepidius decoloratus is removed from the West Indian fauna.

Types Examined. Of Elater decoloratus : Holotype missing; type locality Pennsylvania. Neotype: [pink disc] (= Middle States: Md., Del., N.Y., N.J., Pa., Conn.?, R.I.?)/ decoloratus #1/ A. decoloratus Say ; female; LeConte collection in MCZC.

LeConte Collection (8, MCZC). [pink disc]/ decoloratus #2; [pink disc]/ decoloratus # 3; [yellow disc]/ decoloratus #4; [yellow disc]/ decoloratus #5; [pink disc]/ decoloratus #8; [pink disc]/ decoloratus #12; [yellow disc]/ decoloratus #13; [yellow disc]/ decoloratus #14.

Horn Collection (9, MCZC). In H. decoloratus tray: #1, ID label only; #2, Buffalo, N.Y.; #3, Buffalo, N.Y.; #4, Can.; #5, Can; #9, no locality. In H. hemipodus tray: #2, no locality; #4, [yellow disc]. In unidentified Hemicrepidius: Hot Springs, Va., 2400 -2600ft, VII-3-1916 (H).

Specimens Examined (473). NORTH AMER- ICA: Coll. Janson., Ex Candèze/ yellow disc (1, BMNH); Coll. Janson, Ex Dejean/ Athous anachoreta, h. in Amer. Bor. (3, BMNH); Coll. Janson, Ex Dejean/ A. decoloratus Say, Ath. viduus Dej., Amer. Bor. LeC (pars) (3, BMNH). CANADA: [no data] (1, MCZC); Canada, 52 – 106/ Asaphes decoloratus Say (sec. Cdz Coll) (1, BMNH); Kemp/ A. Fenyes collection (2, CASC). Ontario: [no data] (2, MCZC); Godmet, VII-28-[19]24 (1, MCZC); Strathroy, Jul-12-[19]16 (1, INHS830357); Toronto, [no date], 7-2-[18]95, R. J. Crew (5, MCZC); Toronto, R. J. Crew/ [silver star] (7, CASC); Toronto/ Blaisdell Collection (3, CASC); W. Ont/ [4509]/ R. Hopping collection (1, CASC). Quebec: [no data] (4, MCZC); Lake Memphremagog, June- 24-29-1906, Jun-27-30-1920 (12, MCZC); Laval Co., 13-VII-[19]07 (1, MCZC); Mon[treal?] (1, MCZC); Montreal (2, MCZC); Potion Springs, July 1-4. [19]20 (1, MCZC); Arthabaska, Nic., 8-VII- [19]67, C. Chantal (2, FSCA); Cap Rouge, 22-VII- [19]58, 22-VII[19]62, C. Chantal (2, FSCA); Como, July-1932, Jul-Aug-1933, Jul-1938, Olive R. Leech (3, CASC); Lac Beauport, 18-VII-[19]53, C. Chantal (1, FSCA); Lake Memphremagog, June- 24-29-1906 (1, MCZC, MCZ-ENT00642003); Montreal, [no date], June-190[0?], VII-09 (11, CASC); Montreal/ Chagnon (2, CASC); Que[bec] Co., 20-VII-[19]67, C. Chantal (1, FSCA); Rigaud, 26-VII-[19]02 (1, CASC); Rouville Co., 11-VII- [19]07 (1, CASC); Ste-Catherine Port., 26-VII-[19] 61, C. Chantal (1, FSCA); Ste-Foy, 18-VII-[19]67, C. Chantal (1, FSCA). Dubious locality: British Columbia:?Vancouver I., Coll. Janson (1, BMNH). UNITED STATES: Coll. Janson, Ex Candèze/ decoloratus ID label, Est. Uni (1, BMNH). Connecticut: No Branford, 8-Jul-1921, M. P. Zappe (1, MCZC); N.W. Conn., VII-2-[19]33/ L. Gressitt collector (3, CASC). Illinois: [no data] (2, INHS830342, INHS830336); [Knox Co.], Galesburg (1, MCZC); White Pine Forest Park, July-12- 1934, Delong and Ross (2, INHS830425, INHS830431); Apple River Can., State Park July-11-1934, Delong and Ross (3, INHS830407,INHS830415,INHS830421); Putnam Co., June-30-1932, M. C. Glenn (1, INHS830519); [Rock Island Co.], Rock Island, 1880 (1, INHS830487); Rock Id, June 1880 (1, INHS830509). Indiana: Montgomery Co., Shades State Park, June-23-2013, at light, Kyle E. Schnepp (1, KESC, DNA—MTEC023672); Parke Co., June- 20-1980, N. M. Downie (1, FSCA); Tippecanoe Co., VI-23-1953, N. M. Downie (1, FSCA); Wayne Co., Hagerstown, VI-26-[19]71, D. Brzoska (1, SEMC). Iowa: [Johnson Co.], Iowa City, Wickham, VII-3-[18]98 (1, MCZC); Linn Co., 3.0mi N Viola, VI-27-29-[19]73, B and S, E. L. Sleeper Collr. (2, CASC). Kansas: [no data] (1, MCZC); Reno Co., VIII-6-[19]12/ Blaisdell collection (1, CASC). Maine: 664, Maine/ Ex Coll. E. A. Butler, 1926—171 (1, BMNH); [no data] (1, MCZC); [County?], Chr. C. (3, MCZC); S. Thompson, VII- 19-[19]19 (1, MCZC); [Androscoggin Co.], Lewiston, S. Stebbins (1, MCZC), Geo. Dimmock (1, MCZC); Wales, VII-11-[19]04, C. A. Frost (1, MCZC); Wales, VII-16-[19]13, C. A. Frost/ sweeping (1, PMNH); [Cumberland Co.], Sebago Lake, 7-7-[19]09 (1, MCZC); Sebago L., VII-2-[19] 09 (1, MCZC); [Hancock Co.], Cape Rosier, VIII- 12-1922 / P. J. Darlington (1, MCZC); [Kennebec Co.], Monmouth, VII-17-[19]14, C. A. Frost (1, MCZC); Lincoln Co., 7-13-[19]48, 7-9-[19]50, D. J. Borror (2, FSCA); [Oxford Co.], Bethel (6, MCZC); Bethel, 7-9-[19]29, 7-30-[19]29/ Milkweed (3, MCZC); Paris, VII-9-[19]41, 8-VII-1949, VII-27-[19]58, VII-28-[19]58, C. A. Frost (2, CASC; 3, FSCA; 1, MCZC); Paris, VII-10-[19]37, C. A. Frost/ Coll’ d on Corvius rostratus (1, MCZC); [York Co.], Old Orchard Beach, 7-23-1884 (1, MCZC). Maryland: Allegany Co., Green Ridge St. For., 22-VI-1985, C. L. Staines, Jr (1, FSCA); Bethesda, VI-24-1967, B. K. Dozier (1, FSCA); Little Orleans Twp., Little Orleans Campground, N39.6305, W78.3890, Sweeping, 28 June 2014, Anthony Martin Deczynski (1, AMDC); Montgomery Co., Poolsville, 15-June-1978, W. E. Steiner (1, FSCA); Seneca, VI-29-[19]50; D. Beisiegel (1, FSCA); Gar, Carey Run, 19-VI-[19]81, C. L. Staines, Jr. (1, FSCA?); Plummers Id, VI-17-[19] 13 (1, INHS830435); Carrol Co., Ditman [?], 7-12- [19]32 (1, WSUC). Massachusetts: [no data] (1, CASC; 2, MCZC; 1, SEMC); [light brown discs = Cambridge, 1871, Hubbard and Schwarz] (3, MCZC); [Berkshire Co.], Monterey, VII-9-[19]19, VII-12-[19]21, C. A. Frost (3, MCZC); Monterey, 8-VII-1923 (2, SEMC); South Egremond, 2-VII- 1923 / L. Lacey, B. M. 1950-61 (1, BMNH); [Hampden Co.], Montgomery/ Knab (1, CASC); [Worchester Co.], Petersham, VII-15-1920, G. C. Wheeler (1, FSCA); Mt. Washington, June-22-25- 1913 (1, MCZC, MCZ-ENT00642005); [County?], Spet Is./ 7-20-[19]33 (1, PMNH). Frederick Allen Eddy Collection: July 1880 (1, MCZC); [River?/ Bruirs?] 4 m E RR, 7-9-[18]96 (4, MCZC); 7-13- [18]96, Harold (1, MCZC); Hoo[pers] L. H., July 10-12, [18]99 (1, MCZC); Hoo[fere] Hill, 7-12-[18] 99 (1, MCZC); 7-18-24-1899, [Abendherine?]; 9-8- [18]99, [R?]. J. Whe (1, MCZC); 7-6/8-1900, Hoo [fuse?] [Treh?] (1, MCZC); 7-14-1900, Mulford H [agl] (1, MCZC); 7-5/6-1902, [Cottage lrfe] (1, MCZC); 7-19-[19]07, on the lake surface (1, MCZC); 7-4-1913, Paula [Camela] (1, MCZC); 7- 26-1913, Mill 8m Ea. (1, MCZC). Michigan: Midland Co., VII-10-[19]39, R. R. Breisbach (1, OSAC0000569385); Oakland Co., 1258ab, VII-3- 1921, M. H. Hatch (1, OSAC0000551172); VI-20- 1926, VI-20-1930, VI-20-1931, VII-10-1938, A. W. Andrews (1, FSCA; 4, MCZC); Washtenaw Co., Ann Arbor, VII-19-1927, N. K. Bigelow (1, FSCA). Nebraska: Walses [?], VII-9-1913 (1, FSCA). New Hampshire: [no data] (7, MCZC); [no data]/ Davies/ [red star] (1, CASC); [Belknap Co.], Center Harbor, 7-[19]38, 7-15-[19]38, July-1951, P. B. Lawson (11, SEMC); Meridith, 7-10-[18]99 (1, MCZC); [Carroll Co.], Chocorene [sic], I-[19]31 (1, MCZC); No. Conway, Jul 30, 1891 (1, MCZC); Tamworth, VI-26-1923, P. J. Darlington (1, MCZC); [Grafton Co.], Franconia (2, MCZC); Fraconia Notch, J. H. E. (1, MCZC); Lebanon, 7-8-[19]38, M. W. Sanderson (1, SEMC); Mt. Moosilaukee, Jul- 3-9-[19]12, N. S. Easton (3, MCZC); Mt. Stinson, VII-3-[19]24/ Darlington (1, MCZC); Rumney, VI- 24-1925, VII-19-1935, Darlington (2, CASC; 1, MCZC); Warren, 7-26-[19]40 (2, OSAC0000569390, OSAC0000569394); [Merrimack Co.], Franklin, VII-1951, E. C. Zimmerman, B. M. 1951-394 (1, BMNH); [Strafford Co.], Farmgtn, 8-[18]93, 7-28- [19]07 (2, MCZC); Vic. Dover, 7-18-[19]27, M. J. Smith (1, MCZC); [County?] Squam Lk, VII-11- [19]37, J. W. Green (1, CASC). New Jersey: [no data] (7, MCZC); [Passaic Co.], Ringwood, 7-3- 1917 (1, INHS830447); [Sussex Co.], Stockholm, VII-7, VII-28, A. Nicolay (4, OSAC0000569387, OSAC0000569389,OSAC0000569396,OSAC0000569397); [Warren Co.], Phillipsburg, VII-1-[19]17/ J. W. Green collector (1, CASC); W. Gap, 7-12 (1, MCZC);. New York: [no data] (3, MCZC; 1, SEMC); Albany Co., Rensselaerville Huyck Preserve/ Ross H. Arnett, Jr., July-18-31-1975 (1, FSCA); [Cattaraugus Co.], Dayton, VII-27-[19]20, M. C. Van Duzee (1, CASC); Little Valley, VII-3- [19]20, M. C. Van Duzee (1, CASC); Cayuga Co., Sterling, 5-July-[19]67, R. A. Greenwood (2, LSAM); [Erie Co.], Buffalo (2, MCZC; 1, SEMC); Buffalo, M. C. V[an Duzee] coll. (1, CASC); East Aurora, 7-25-[19]09, 7-17-[19]10, M. C. Van Duzee (4, CASC); Lancaster, 6-28-[19]08, M. C. V[an Duzee] (5, CASC); [Essex Co.], Ticonderoga, July- 25-[19]28/ F. C. Lutman (1, PMNH); [Niagara Co.], Olcott, VII-4-[19]25, M. C. Van Duzee (1, CASC); [Onondaga Co.], Elbridge, June-26-1940, June-23- 1941, N. M. Downie (1, FSCA; 1, WSUC); [St. Lawrence Co.], Canton, July-1-1936 (1, FSCA); [Tompkins Co.], Ithaca (1, MCZC); Ithaca, VII-10- 1940, VII-16-1940, VII-17-1940, VII-24-1940 [ Figs. 16a, c View Fig ], VII-31-1940, J. N. Belkin (23, FSCA); Ithaca, 26-June-1937, 9-July-1937, 22-July-1937, 29-July-1937, 29-July-1939, J. G. Franclemont (5, FSCA); Ithaca, VII-10-1946, 14-VII-1946, 9- VII-1947, Ross H. Arnett, Jr (3, FSCA); Ithaca, 17- July-[19]54, W. D. Stockton (1, CASC); Ithaca, 9-July-[19]04, 16-July-[19]04, 15-July-[19]07, 17-July-[19]17, 20-July-[19]17, 24-July[19]17, 27-July-[19]17, 28-July-[19]17, 30-July-[19]17, 31-July-[19]17, 4-Aug[19]17, 9-July-22, VIII-12- [19]34, 12-July[19]35 (2, CASC; 2, FSCA; 28, INHS830343,INHS830436,INHS830440, INHS830444, INHS830449, INHS830451–INHS830455, INHS830457, INHS830459–INHS830461, INHS830464, INHS830466 [ Figs. 16d, e View Fig ], INHS830470–INHS830473, INHS830476, INHS830477,INHS830480, INHS830485, INHS830486, INHS830494–INHS830496, INHS830504; 1, WSUC); Ithaca, July-1921, Paul B. Lawson (1, SEMC); Ithaca, 12-July-[19]35, N. M. Downie (1, WSUC); McLean, Aug-13-1917 (INHS830492); [Ulster Co.], Ellenville, 6-18-July-1937, E. J. Gerberg (1, FSCA); [Wyoming Co.], Rock Glenn VII-8-[19]23 (1, CASC). North Carolina: [Haywood Co.?], Mt. Pisgah/ H. V. Weems, Jr, 20-VI- [19]55 (1, FSCA); [Macon Co.], Highlans, J[un?]e- [18]89 (1, MCZC). Ohio: [Franklin Co.], Columbus, 6-28-[19]21, A. E. Miller/ from sweeping (1, FSCA); Wyandot Co., Sycamore, P. S. Bartholomew (1, CASC). Pennsylvania: [no data] (1, MCZC); [Allegheny Co.], Pittsburgh, VII-1-[19]24, VI-19-[19]25 (3, BYUC); Wall, X-4-[19]17 (1, BYUC); [Dauphin Co.], Inglenook, VI-3-[19]17, VII-3-[19]17 (2, MCZC); Inglenook, VI-11-[19]11, H. B. Kirk (1, MCZC); Inglenook, VI-17-[19]11/ Van Dyke collection (1, CASC); Inglenook, VI-21- [19]12, Champion (1, MCZC); Rockville, 6-10-[19] 21 (1, MCZC); [Erie Co.], North East, 7-20-[19]20/ J. N. Knull coll. (1, CASC); Presque Il, 7-21-[19]20/ T. L. Guyton coll. (1, CASC); [Monroe Co.], Effort, VII-20-[19]32, VII-2-[19]39, J. W. Green (12, CASC); Water Gap (1, MCZC); [Northampton Co.], Easton, VI-12-[19]21/ L. S. Slevin collection (1, CASC); Easton, VII-4-[19]26 [ Fig. 16b View Fig ], VII-19- [19]28, VII-10-[19]29, VI-1934, VI-24-[19]34, J. W. Green (2, FSCA; 14, CASC); Wind Gap, July-1946, J. W. Green (5, WSUC); [Pike Co.], Greentown/ 17-VII-1926, Quirsfeld (2, CASC); [Sullivan Co.], Forksville, VII-17-[19]30, J. N. Knull (1, MCZC); [Susquehanna Co.], Montrose, VIII-6-[19]21, J. W. Green (1, CASC); [Westmoreland Co.], Jeanette, VI (1, OSAC0000569388). Texas: [no data] (1, MCZC). Vermont: [no data] (4, INHS830326,INHS830332,INHS830334,INHS830335; 5, MCZC; 1, WSUC); Vt./ N. America, 74—12/ ID label (1, BMNH); Vt./ Belfrage/ Am. Bor., Vermont/ Fry Coll., 1905—100 (2, BMNH); Northern Vermont, July-1881, July-1882, Aug-1883 (3, MCZC); [Addison Co.], Ripton, July-7-[18]95 (6, MCZC); Salisbury, 7-5-[18]95 (2, MCZC); [Lamoille Co.], Luce Hill, Stowe, sweeping, Coll. R. T. Bell, July-23-1961 (3, CASC); W. Elmore, summer 1968, coll. R. T. Bell (1, CASC); WB, 7-9- [19]48, GM (1, CASC) [Orange Co.], Bradford, R. Chipman (x), June-July, 1965 (1, CASC); [Windsor Co.], Norwich, Jul-1-1923 (1, MCZC); So. Royalton, VII-[19]10, K. A. F. (2, MCZC); W. Elmore, blacklight, July-25-1966, Coll. R. Bell (1, CASC). Virginia: 10-20mi S Rt 211, Skyline drive, VII-27- 1951, G. H. Nelson/ bugbane (4, FSCA); Augusta Co., George Washington National Forest, Braley Pond Picnic Site, N38.2864, W79.3012, 25 June 2016, Anthony Martin Deczynski (1, AMDC); Giles Co, #97 Wind Rock, 5 mi N Mt. Lakem 27- July-1973, 4100’, George W. Bryers (1, SEMC). West Virginia: Grant Co., Smoke Hole Cave, 20- VI-1994, Eric and L. Stange (1, FSCA); Greenbriar Co., 12-18mi E of Richwood Along WV-39, 10- VII-1986, Howard V. Weems, Jr (1, FSCA); 6-16mi E of Richwood on WV-39, 12-VII-1986, Howard V. Weems, Jr. (1, FSCA); Pocahontas Co., Cranberry glades, 7-VII-[19]67, H. V. Weems, Jr., Hilltop, 4300ft (1, FSCA); Pocahontas Co., Cranberry glades, 9-VII-[19]67, H. V. Weems, Jr. (1, FSCA); Pocahontas Co., Monongahela National Forest, Tea Creek Campground, on flowers, 25-26-VI-2010, Coll J. M. Leavengood Jr. w/ E. G. Chapman and M. Spelman (2, JMLC); Pendleton Co., Spruce Knob, nr summit, 11-VII-1991, M. C. Thomas, Hydrangea blossoms (1, FSCA); Randolph Co., Spruce Knob, 25-Jun-1955, N. M. Downie (1, FSCA); Winchester, June-25-1963, K. Stephens leg (1, FSCA). Wisconsin: [no data] (4, INHS830467, INHS830484, INHS830489, INHS830493; 2, MCZC); [Dane Co.], Madison, 28-VII-[19]53, 53- 863/ beaten ex Fir (1, FSCA); Sauk Co., Pine Hollow, 43°22’13”N, 89°54’11”W, 10-July-2000, col. Alistair S. Ramsdale/ ex: foliage, 1–2 pm, mesic hardwood forest (1, MTEC, DNA—MTEC023670). Unknown locality: Mt Tom, J[ul]y-[18]73 (1, MCZC); Drac-7/15-[18]88 (1, MCZC); O. S. Wescott collection (1, WSUC). No label/ID label only: (1, INHS830491;5, MCZC,MCZ-ENT00642004). Dubious locality: Oregon: Ft. Klamath (1, MCZC).














Hemicrepidius decoloratus (Say, 1863)

Etzler, Frank E. 2020

Hemicrepidius decoloratus (Say)

Becker 1979: 410
Dietrich 1945: 29
Schenkling & Fam & Elateridae II 1927: 414
Leng 1920: 170

Asaphes decoloratus (Say)

Blatchley 1910: 770
Horn 1880: 73
Candeze 1863: 216

Elater decoloratus

Say & Descriptions of new North American insects and observations on some already described & Transactions of the American Philosophical Society 1836: 180
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