Prostheclina bulburin, Richardson & Zabka, 2007

Richardson, Barry J. & Zabka, Marek, 2007, A Revision of the Australian Jumping Spider Genus Prostheclina Keyserling, 1892 (Araneae: Salticidae), Records of the Australian Museum 59 (1), pp. 79-96: 92-93

publication ID 10.3853/j.0067-1975.59.2007.1471

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Prostheclina bulburin


Prostheclina bulburin   n.sp.

Figs 2, 10, 12; Table 1

Prostheclina pallida Davies & Zabka, 1989: 238  

Material Examined. HOLOTYPE Queensland: 1 male, Bulburin Forestry Nursery NW of Bundaberg, 24°31'S 151°29'E, M. R. Gray & C. Horseman, 1 Mar 1975, AM KS0101 GoogleMaps   . PARATYPES Queensland: 2 males 3 females 11 immatures, data as for holotype GoogleMaps   .

Other material. Queensland: 1 male 1 female, Kroombit Tops , 18°59'S 146°02'E, R GoogleMaps   . Raven , 25 Nov 1987, S 35066 View Materials , (illustrated in Davies & Zabka, 1989 as P. pallida   )   ; 1 female, Paluma Dam Road , 18°59'S 146°02'E, Monteith, Seymor, 8 Dec 1990, QM S60379 View Materials GoogleMaps   ; 3 immatures, Kroombit Tops, Beauty Spot 98, 45 km SSW Calliope , 24°22'S 151°03'E, E. V GoogleMaps   . Davies, Gallon , 9 Dec 1983, QM S61015 View Materials   ; Kroombit Tops, Dawes Range , 45km SSW Calliope, 24°22'S 151°03'E, E. Davies, Gallon, 9 Dec 1983, QM S61013 View Materials GoogleMaps   ; Kroombit Tops , upper TA47   Creek , 45km SSW Calliope, 24°22'S 151°03'E, E. Davies, Gallon, 9 Dec 1983, QM S61012 View Materials GoogleMaps   , Millaa Millaa , 17 30'S 145 37'E, Richardson, 3 Aug 2003, ANIC 42 View Materials GoogleMaps   000142.

Diagnosis. Male, large size, F1–4 yellow, P1,T1 and M1 orange, M1 and Ts1 orange, lush fringes on M1 and T1, palps vanilla colour. dorsal median white strip of hair on cephalothorax, white to red mat of hairs covering the clypeus and around AME, copulatory organs with dorsal distal tegular lobe as well as distal and proximal tegular lobes. Males can be separated from P. eungella   , by the presence of only a sparse fringe on M1 and long thick fringe on T1, absence of a dorsal, distal tegular lobe on the male palp and the presence of white to red mat of hairs covering the clypeus and around AME. Female large size, copulatory organs with coiled proximal seminal ducts, unlike P. bulburin   .


Male. Medium size, cephalothorax orange with faint strong orange marks on the thorax, sparse hairs on front of cephalothorax, eye field black, AME fringe thick, clypeus orange, mat of white to orange hair covering clupeus and front of cephalothorax, chelicera yellow with large, pointed retromarginal tooth and one fissident promarginal tooth, maxillae yellow, labium yellow, sternum yellow, abdomen dorsal yellow with black pattern, ventral yellow/orange with brown squared posterior lip, T1 and M1 orange, T1 sparse fringe and M1 with long lush fringe, (P1+T1) medium length, F1, P1 and Ts1 yellow, L2–4 yellow, palps yellow, male

copulatory organs with distal and proximal tegular lobes plus a weak prolateral distal tegular lobe. Dimensions: holotype, 2.4 mm CL, 0.72 AEW/CL, 0.44 AMEW /CL, 0.77 CW/CL, 0.72 PEW/CL, 0.51 EFL /CL, 0.64 CWP/CL, 0.90 AL/CL, 0.69 AW/CL, 0.59 CH /CL, 0.077 ClH/CL, 0.41 ChH/CL, 0.39 StL/CL, 0.28 StW/CL, 0.92 (P1+ T1 /CL)   .

Female. Relatively large size, cephalothorax yellow with faint orange marks on the thorax, eye field black, AME fringe sparse, sparse hairs covering cephalothorax, clypeus yellow, chelicera yellow with large, narrow and pointed retromarginal tooth and two very close promarginal teeth, maxillae yellow, labium yellow, sternum yellow, dorsal abdomen vanilla with black pattern, ventral abdomen vanilla with faint dark markings, legs yellow, palps yellow, female copulatory organs with proximal seminal ducts long and uncoiled, accessory gland in spermatheca large. Dimensions: paratype, 2.3 mm CL, 0.77 AEW/CL, 0.49 AMEW/CL, 0.80 CW/CL, 0.74 PEW/CL, 0.51 EFL/CL, 0.63 CWP/CL, 1.06 AL/CL, 0.91 AW/CL, 0.60 CH /CL, 0.057 ClH/CL, 0.40 ChH/CL, 0.43 StL/CL, 0.31 StW/CL, 0.66 (P1+T1/CL).

Distribution. Central eastern Queensland ( Fig. 10 View Fig ).

Etymology. A combination of letters, to be treated as a female noun in apposition.


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Prostheclina bulburin

Richardson, Barry J. & Zabka, Marek 2007

Prostheclina pallida

Davies & Zabka 1989: 238