Haemaphysalis (Rhipistoma) moreli Camicas, Hoogstraal & El Kammah, 1972

Sylla, Massamba, Ndiaye, Mady, Souris, Marc & Gonzalez, Jean-Paul, 2018, Ticks (Acari: Ixodida) of the genus Haemaphysalis Koch, 1844 in Senegal: a review of host associations, chorology, and identification, Acarologia 58 (4), pp. 928-945: 935

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http://doi.org/ 10.24349/acarologia/20184297

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Haemaphysalis (Rhipistoma) moreli Camicas, Hoogstraal & El Kammah, 1972


Haemaphysalis (Rhipistoma) moreli Camicas, Hoogstraal & El Kammah, 1972  

Haemaphysalis (Rhipistoma) moreli   has been only collected from mammals in Senegal ( Table 7). Collection reference sites are as follow: Ngohé (14°34’N, 16°3’W; Diourbel Dpt., Diourbel Reg. ) GoogleMaps   ; Bao Bolon River (13°38’N, 15°45’W, Nioro du Rip Dpt., Kaolack Reg. ) GoogleMaps   ; Bandia Forest reserve   ; Saboya Forest reserve   ; Dialakoto (13°19’N, 13°18’W, Tambacounda Dpt., Tambacounda Reg. ) GoogleMaps   ; Bandafassi (12°32’N, 12°19’W, Kedougou Dpt., Kedougou Reg.). It was collected from Civettictis civetta   in August 2006 GoogleMaps   ; between Thies and Bambey on the road; in Kedougou (12°33’N, 12°11’W, Kedougou Dpt., Kedougou Reg. ) GoogleMaps   ; Sandiara (14°25’N, 16°48’W, Mbour Dpt., Thies Reg. ) GoogleMaps   ; Etiess (12°34’N, 12°26’W, Salemata Dpt., Kedougou Reg. ) GoogleMaps   ; Dakar-Yoff (14°45’N, 17°28’W, Dakar Dpt., Dakar Reg. ) ( Figure 4 View Figure 4 ) GoogleMaps   .