Iontoclerus humeralis (Klug)

Opitz, Weston, 2008, Classification, natural history, and evolution of Epiphloeinae (Coleoptera: Cleridae). Part VII. The genera Hapsidopteris Opitz, Iontoclerus Opitz, Katamyurus Opitz, Megatrachys Opitz, Opitzia Nemésio, Pennasolis Opitz, new genus, Pericales Opitz, new genus, Pteroferus Opitz, new genus, and Turbophloeus Opitz, new genus, Zootaxa 1754, pp. 1-40: 10-11

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Iontoclerus humeralis (Klug)


Iontoclerus humeralis (Klug)  

Figures 5–21, 25–32; map 3

Enoplium humerale Klug, 1842: 373   . Pará, Sieber. Lectotype: ♀. Here designated. (ZMHB). (Specimen pin mounted, gender symbol affixed to support card; type label; historical repository label; locality-identification label; lectotype label; identification label.)

Chevrolat, 1876: 6 ( Epiphlaeus   ). Gorham, 1877: 249 ( Epiphlaeus   ). Gahan, 1910: 72 ( Epiphlaeus   ). Jocob, 1940: 216 ( Ichnea   ). Corporaal, 1950: 254 ( Epiphloeus   ). Ekis, 1975: 48 ( Epiphlaeus   ). Paralectotypes: One specimen. Brazil: Amazonas: Pará, Sieber. (ZMHB).

Ichnea humeralis variety irrita Wolcott, 1912: 76   . NEW SYNONYMY. Chapin, 1927: 9. Blackwelder, 1945: 389.

Epiploeus marginellus Spinola, 1844: 15. Lohde, 1900: 87. Schenkling, 1910: 115. Opitz   , 1997: 56. Blackwelder, 1945: 388. Opitz   , 1997: 56.

Apolopha vittate Pic, 1936: 127   . Opitz   , 1997: 56.

Diagnosis: These beetles may be easily distinguished from their congeners by the yellow vitta that extends posteriorly from a yellow humerus.

Description: Length 8.0 mm; width 2.8 mm. Form: Oblong subrectangulate. Integument: Brown and yellow, cranium yellow-brown, pronotum predominantly yellow-brown on each side, femora mostly yellow, infuscated, elytra mostly brown, humeral region yellow, yellow region may extend posteriorly into slender discal line. Head: Eyes large, very convex; vertex between eyes narrow. Thorax: Side margins slightly convex, anterior transverse depression not prominent, disc with slightly elevated and depressed regions, punctations very small; elytral side margins slightly broadened at middle, then broadly rounded to apex, disc punctations very small and profusely distributed. Abdomen: Fifth visible abdominal sternite sex dimorphic (compare figures 17, 18). Aedeagus as in figure 16. Alimentary Canal (fig. 26): Proventriculus well developed; ventricular crypts poorly developed; four cryptonephridial malpighian tubules. Male Mesodermal Reproductive Organs (fig. 9): Two pairs of accessory glands, medial gland considerably shorter than lateral gland; testis comprised of about 50 follicles. Female Mesodermal Reproductive Organs (fig. 10): Spermathecal capsule not heavily sclerotized; spermathecal gland attached to subapex of spermatheca capsule; bursa copulatrix saccular.

Variation: Length 7.5–9.0 mm; width 2.0–3.0 mm. The amount of yellow on the humerus and the extent of yellow streaking posteriorly from the yellow humerus varies.

Natural history: Specimens have been collected throughout the year, at altitudes ranging from 7 to 330 m; some on bark, others in a Malaise trap.

Distribution (map 3): The composite range for this species extends from Colombia to Argentina. I have examined 180 specimens. Colombia: Putumayo: La Paya, Cabaña La Paya, 0°2' S, 75°12' W, Malaise trap,

25-X- 2001, 330 m, E. Lozano. Venezuela: 40 km E Canton Barinas   , 8-III-1970, 7 m, S. L. Wood: Amazonas: Alto Rio Mavaca , 02°02'10? N 65°06'50?W   , 5-II- 1989, 150 m, J. Lyttke: Cojedes, El Pao Pilancones, 9°43'54?N 68°8'31?W   , 12-16-I- 1995, 188 m, A. Alemá. Guyana: Rupununi: Region 8 Iwokrama Forest, Pakatau Hills , 4°44'54? N 59°1'36? W   , 27-X-2001, 70 m, on bark, downed tree, R. Brooks, Z. Falin; Iwokrama Forest, Turtle Mt. base camp, 4°43'5? N, 58°43'5? W   , 1-XI-2001, 50 m, on bark, downed tree, R. Brooks, Z. Falin; Iwokrama Forest , 1 km W Kurupukari Iwokrama Field Stn., 4°40'19? N, 58°41'14? W   , 2-XI- 2001, 60 m, on bark, downed trees, R. Brooks, Z. Falin. Ecuador: Napo: Yasuni Res. Sta. , 19--   30-X- 1998, 250 m, W. J. Hanson; idem   , 30-IX-- 11-X-2002, 0°41' S, 76°24' W, 250 m, C. Brammer; idem GoogleMaps   , Garzacocha, 68 air km E. Coca, 16-III- 1986, 210 m, McKamey. Brazil: Rio Grande do Sol: Vila Oliva   , 18-II-1959, collector not noted: Mato Grosso: Jacare, P.N. Xingu, collection day not noted-XI-1961, Alvarenga : Paraná: R. Branco Acre, 15--   20-XI-1961, F. M. Oliveira; Foz Do Iguacu   , 10-XII-1966, collector not noted; Coordeuadas Sinop, collection day not noted-X-1974, M. Alvarenga; idem   , 350 m, collection day not noted-X-1974, M. Alvarenga; idem   , collection day not noted-X-1975; idem   , collection day not noted-X-1975, Malaise trap, M. Alvarenga; idem   , collection day not noted-X-1976, M. Alvarenga: Rondonía: Ron Dovia , Br-368, 48 km   , 27- IX-1979, C. Biancardi; idem   , 26-- 27-IX-1979, Sucam ; idem   , 27-IX-1979, J. Arias; Porto Velho, Br 364, 48 km   , 27-IX-1979, J. Arias; idem   , 3-X-1979, J. Arias; idem   , 4-X-1979, J. Arias; Br 364, km 48   , 28-IX-1979, Sucam; Porto Veho , Br-364, 48 km   , 3-X-1979, J. Arias: Amazonas: Teffé, M de Mathan, 2-trimestre-1879, R. Oberthur; Villanova, Mahnel, collection day not noted-collection month not noted-1860, collector not noted; Itapiranga , collection day not noted-II-1934, collector not noted; idem   , collection day not noted-collection month not noted-1861, Bates; Amazonas Paraque, 30 km E. Manaus, Amazon R., 17-II-1981, 34 m, Chenwen Young; vic. Caucalandia, 10°32'S, 62°48'W, 31-X-1991, 160- 350 m, J. MacDonald; idem   , 28-X-1991, J. R. MacDonald; Ariquemes , RO Fazenda Rancho Grande, 62 km SE Ariquemes   , 2-XII-1991, S. L. Heydon; idem   , 62 km SE Ariquemes, Rancho Grande   , 2-XII-1991, vapor & headlamp, S. L. Heydon ; 13--   25-IX-1992, W. J. Hanson; idem   , Fzda. Rancho Grande, 7-X-1993, C. W. & L. O’Brien; idem   , 16-XI-1994, C. W. & L. O’Brien; idem   , 8-- 20-XI-1994, W. J. Hanson; idem   , 7-- 18-XI-1995, W. J. Hanson; idem   , 5-- 16-XI-1996, W. J. Hanson; idem   , 1-- 17-IX-1997, B. K. Dozier; idem   , 22-- 31-X-1997, W. J. Hanson; idem   , 1-- 14-XI-1997, B. Dozier; Pará: Ourém, Patauateua   , 23-VIII-1992, Armadilha 1.8 m, B. Mascarenhas; Santarém, collection date not noted, collector not noted. Perú: Madre de Dios: Rio Tambopata Reserve , 20 air km SW of Puerto Maldonado   , 1-26-XI- 1982, 290m, Edward S. Ross; Chambireyacú: Yurimaguas, collection day not notedcollection month not noted-1885, Juin Aout. Bolivia: Santa Cruz: 4-6k SSE Buena Vista F &F Hotel   , 2-12-II- 2000, J. E. Wappes. Argentina: Misiones: Sta. María, collection day not noted-X-1944, M. J. Viana. Specimens are deposited in AMNH, BMNH, CASC, CMNH, DZUP, EMUS, FSCA, IAVH, JNRC, JEWC, MIZA, OXUM, SEMC, UCDC, WFBC, and WOPC   .


American Museum of Natural History


The Cleveland Museum of Natural History


Universidade Federal do Parana, Colecao de Entomologia Pe. Jesus Santiago Moure


Florida State Collection of Arthropods, The Museum of Entomology


Instituto de Ivestigacion de los Recursos Biologicos Alexander von Humboldt


Museo del Instituto de Zoologia Agricola Francisco Fernandez Yepez


University of Kansas - Biodiversity Institute


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Iontoclerus humeralis (Klug)

Opitz, Weston 2008

Apolopha vittate

Opitz, W. 1997: 56
Pic, M. 1936: 127

Ichnea humeralis variety irrita

Blackwelder, R. E. 1945: 389
Chapin, E. A. 1927: 9
Wolcott, A. B. 1912: 76

Enoplium humerale

Klug, J. C. F. 1842: 373