Phylo novazealandiae Day, 1977

Zhadan, Anna, 2020, Review of Orbiniidae (Annelida, Sedentaria) from Australia, Zootaxa 4860 (4), pp. 451-502 : 490

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Phylo novazealandiae Day, 1977


Phylo novazealandiae Day, 1977

Figure 24 View FIGURE 24

Phylo novazealandiae Day, 1977: 235–237 , fig. 3f–j.

Material examined. New Zealand: Pauatahanui , 41°S, 174°E, May 1960, coll. I. Estcourt, AM W.7447, 3 specimens, paratypes GoogleMaps .

Type locality. Tasman Bay , New Zealand .

Description. All specimens studied incomplete. Thoracic width 2, 2.4, and 2.8 mm. Prostomium bluntly conical ( Fig. 24 View FIGURE 24 C–E). Thoracic chaetigers numbering 15 ( Fig. 24A, C, D, E View FIGURE 24 ). Branchiae from chaetiger 5, wide triangular, foliaceous, in abdomen becoming long triangular with widened base and tapering tips, longer than notopodia ( Fig. 24C, E, J, K View FIGURE 24 ). Thoracic notopodial postchaetal lobes developed from first chaetiger, from digitiform to foliaceous, in abdomen becoming elongate, in anterior part, foliaceous with wide base, in posterior narrow digitate ( Fig. 24A, C, E, I, J View FIGURE 24 ). Thoracic postchaetal neuropodial lobes as ridges with up to 9 papillae, upper papillae larger than lower ( Fig. 24B, D, E, G View FIGURE 24 ). Subpodal papillae present on last thoracic and first two abdominal chaetigers, few stomach papillae only in first two abdominal chaetigers ( Fig. 24A, B, D, E View FIGURE 24 ). Abdominal neuropodia bilobed with subequal short lobes; subpodal flange developed, with papilla (ventral cirrus). Interramal cirrus small, shorter than neuropodia ( Fig. 24B, E, F, J View FIGURE 24 ). Notopodial chaetae crenulate capillaries, in abdominal notopodia also forked chaetae present ( Fig. 24J View FIGURE 24 ). Thoracic neuropodia bearing 2–3 rows of thin curved serrated uncini and posterior row of capillaries; posterior thoracic chaetigers bearing very thick brown straight spines, upper one longer than others ( Fig. 24B, D, E View FIGURE 24 , G–I). Abdominal neurochaetae thin capillaries; both rami supported by thin straight aciculae in abdomen. Distribution. New Zealand. Habitat. Subtidal. Remarks. The specimens studied here are in agreement with the description by Day (1977).


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Phylo novazealandiae Day, 1977

Zhadan, Anna 2020

Phylo novazealandiae

Day, J. H. 1977: 237