Loureiro, Marcelo, Sá, Rafael de, Serra, Sebastián W., Alonso, Felipe, Lanés, Luis Esteban Krause, Volcan, Matheus Vieira, Calviño, Pablo, Nielsen, Dalton, Duarte, Alejandro & Garcia, Graciela, 2018, Review of the family Rivulidae (Cyprinodontiformes, Aplocheiloidei) and a molecular and morphological phylogeny of the annual fish genus Austrolebias Costa 1998, Neotropical Ichthyology 16 (3), pp. 1-20: 6

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Laimosemion  Huber. Composed by ca. twenty-nine small to medium-sized species (20-40 mm SL), widely distributed in northwestern South America. The genus lacks synapomorphies, and can be distinguished from other rivulines only by combination of characters, in particular an intense yellow or orange pigmentation of the anal fin in adult females. Monophyly is supported by molecular analyses ( Hrbek et al., 2004; Costa 2011a, 2013). This is considered a non-annual genus; however, Furness et al. (2018) have found diapause stages in some species similar to those found in annual species, which could represent intermediates steps in the evolution of the annual life cycle.