Loureiro, Marcelo, Sá, Rafael de, Serra, Sebastián W., Alonso, Felipe, Lanés, Luis Esteban Krause, Volcan, Matheus Vieira, Calviño, Pablo, Nielsen, Dalton, Duarte, Alejandro & Garcia, Graciela, 2018, Review of the family Rivulidae (Cyprinodontiformes, Aplocheiloidei) and a molecular and morphological phylogeny of the annual fish genus Austrolebias Costa 1998, Neotropical Ichthyology 16 (3), pp. 1-20: 3

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Kryptolebiasinae  . This is a clade composed by a single genus with seven valid non-annual species, distributed in theAtlantic coastal basins and estuaries from Florida ( USA) to southern Brazil. Three androdioecius species conform a monophyletic unit within the genus ( Vermeulen, Hrbek, 2005; Costa et al., 2010) that inhabit mangroves; two of them with clear evidence of self-fertilization ( Tatarenkov et al., 2011). Costa (2004) proposed two synapomorphies for Kryptolebias   : a dorsally expanded flange on dorsal tip of the autopalatine ( Fig. 1a View Fig ) and a vestigial or absent anterodorsal process of urohyal ( Fig. 2a View Fig ).