Cinetomorpha sedata (Gertsch & Mulaik)

Ott, Ricardo, Ubick, Darrell, Bonaldo, Alexandre B., Brescovit, Antonio D. & Harvey, Mark S., 2019, A revision of the new world goblin spider genus Cinetomorpha Simon, 1892 revalidated from Gamasomorpha Karsch, 1881 (Araneae, Oonopidae, Oonopinae), Zootaxa 4641 (1), pp. 1-152: 14-21

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Cinetomorpha sedata (Gertsch & Mulaik)

comb. nov.

Cinetomorpha sedata (Gertsch & Mulaik)   , comb. nov.

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Opopaea sedata Gertsch & Mulaik, 1940: 325   (Female holotype and female paratype from Encino, Texas, USA, Jun. 3, 1936, S. Mulaik, deposited in AMNH, PBI_ OON 26077 View Materials and PBI_ OON 01212 View Materials , respectively, both examined).

Diagnosis. Females of this species can be distinguished from all other of the group by the lateral apodemes of the internal genitalia abruptly narrowing distally ( Fig. 8H View FIGURES 8 ).

Description. Male. Unknown.

Female ( PBI _ OON 26077 View Materials ). Total Length: 1.76. CEPHALOTHORAX: Carapace orange-brown, broadly oval in dorsal view, pars cephalica slightly elevated in lateral view, surface of elevated portion of pars cephalica smooth, sides granulate; lateral margin without denticles. Clypeus straight in front view, high, ALE separated from edge of carapace by their radius or more, around ALE diameter. Eyes all subequal; ALE separated by more than their diameter, PLE-PME separated by less than PME radius. Sternum orange-brown, fused to carapace, furrow wrinkled, surface finely punctuate, microsculpture only medially, posterior margin not extending posteriorly of coxae IV; setae originating from surface. Mouthparts: Chelicerae, endites and labium orange-brown. paturon inner margin with short inter-digitating setae. Labium anterior margin indented at middle. ABDOMEN: rounded posteriorly; dorsum soft portions pale white. Pedicel scuto-pedicel region with paired curved scutal ridges, plumose setae absent, small and weak, paired double ridges. Dorsal scutum orange-brown, middle surface granulate, sides granulate. Postepigastric scutum orange-brown, almost semicircular. Spinneret scutum large. LEGS: orange-brown. GENITALIA: internal genitalia subquadrate, with large lateral apodemes abruptly narrowing distally, anterior portion rounded and rounded receptaculum ( Fig. 8H View FIGURES 8 ).

Other material examined. USA: Texas: Comal Co. (29°48’36”N 98°16’48”W), New Braunfels, Searcy Estates , Servay Camp , Apr. 12, 1936, Jones , 1♀ ( MCZ 68256 View Materials , PBI _ OON 26853 View Materials ) GoogleMaps   .

Distribution. This species is only known from Texas, USA.


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Arachnida (awaiting allocation)


Arachnida (awaiting allocation)




Cinetomorpha sedata (Gertsch & Mulaik)

Ott, Ricardo, Ubick, Darrell, Bonaldo, Alexandre B., Brescovit, Antonio D. & Harvey, Mark S. 2019

Opopaea sedata

Gertsch, W. J. & Mulaik, S. 1940: 325