Oxyagrion zielmae, Costa, Janira M., De Souza, Luiz Onofre I. & Muzón, Javier, 2006

Costa, Janira M., De Souza, Luiz Onofre I. & Muzón, Javier, 2006, Descriptions of three new species of Odonata from Brazil, Zootaxa 1314, pp. 53-68 : 55-57

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https://doi.org/ 10.11646/zootaxa.1314.1.4



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Oxyagrion zielmae

sp. nov.

Oxyagrion zielmae View in CoL sp. nov. ( Figs. 1–7 View FIGURES 1 – 6 View FIGURES 7 – 8 , 9 View FIGURES 9 – 12 )

Holotype male: BRASIL, MATO GROSSO DO SUL, Costa Rica, Córrego Ribeirão da Laje (S18º31’21,6” / W53º00’45,7” —Datum WGS 84), 29.X.2004, Elidiene Priscila Seleme leg. GoogleMaps

Etmology. We dedicate this new species to the wife of L.O.I. de Souza.

Male (holotype). Head reddish; postocular spots dark brown; all antennal segments black. Labium yellow; labial cleft large with intense white pruinosity; dorsum of labrum without black spots.

Thorax. Prothorax reddish but pale laterally, marked with black spots on sutures. Synthorax reddish, with black dots. Legs black; coxae and trochanters yellowish; femora with pale rings on the base; tibial spines strong and black, as long as spaces between them.

Tarsi black, claws reddish and black on distal end.

Wings. Hyaline, petiolated before Ac in both wings; Arculus slightly distal to Ac; CuA near first ax; 11 pnx in left FW and 10 in right; 10 pnx in left HW and 9 in right; RP 2 in FW arise near 5th pnx crossvein, in HW near 4th pnx crossvein; IRP 2 in FW at 8th pnx and 7th pnx in HW. Pterostigma red, similarly shaped in all wings, strongly oblique, covering one cell in left FW and less than one cell in the other wings ( Fig. 6 View FIGURES 1 – 6 ).

Abdomen. Abdominal segments 1–2 black dorsally; dorsum of segments 3–6 red; dorsum of 7–9 black, segment 10 reddish ( Fig. 7 View FIGURES 7 – 8 ). Anal appendages: cerci ( Figs. 1–3 View FIGURES 1 – 6 ) reddish, rounded at distal end and shorter than abdominal segment 10; paraprocts ( Figs. 1–3 View FIGURES 1 – 6 ) pale, almost equal in length to the cerci. Genital ligula as in figures 4 and 5.

Measurements. Total length (incl. anal appendages) 32.0; length of FW 20.0; length of HW 18.0; anterior and posterior pterostigma 1.2 on the costal side and 1.5 on the greater diagonal; abdomen 28.0.

Discussion. Oxyagrion zielmae belongs to the group that includes O. miniopsis Selys, 1876 , O. rubidum (Rambur, 1842) and O. pavidum Hagen in Selys, 1876. All lack blue spots on the dorsum of abdomen. In Oxyagrion miniopsis also lack spots on the epicranium and synthorax, the cerci are shorter than the paraprocts and the distal segment of the genital ligula has two short lobes as in O. zilmae . In O. rubidum the paraprocts are shorter than 1/2 the length of cerci and the distal segment of the genital ligula with long lobes, short in O. zielmae . O. pavidum has black dots on dorsum of head, paraprocts are longer than 1/2 the cerci and the distal segment of the genital ligula with short lobes as O. zielmae .













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