Phanoperla belalong,

Stark, Bill P. & Sheldon, Andrew L., 2009, Records Of Neoperlini (Plecoptera: Perlidae) From Brunei Darussalam And Sarawak, With Descriptions Of New Phanoperla Banks And Neoperla Needham Species, Illiesia 5 (2), pp. 11-19: 18

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Phanoperla belalong

sp. n.

Phanoperla belalong  sp. n.

( Figs. 13‐14View Figs)

Material examined. Holotype ♂ from Brunei Darussalam, Temburong District, Sungai Belalong, Kuala Belalong Field Studies Centre , 04.54822 ° N, 115.15823 ° E, ALS B39‐08, 3 July 2008, A.L. Sheldon ( USNM)GoogleMaps  . Paratypes. Same site but ALS B24‐08, 18 June 2008  , A.L. Sheldon, 1 ♂ ( BPS). Same site but ALS B36‐08, 27 June 2008  , A.L. Sheldon, 1 ♂ ( BPS)  .

Adult habitus. Body color pale yellow brown. Head yellow brown without pattern; ocelli almost touch. Basal 4‐5 antennal segments pale, rest of flagellum brown. Pronotum pale with darker rugosities and dark brown median and marginal sutures. Femora pale, tibiae brown.Wings pale, veins amber.

Male. Forewing length 7.5 mm. Tergum 8 unmodified, tergum 9 with lateral and mesal sensilla basiconica patches united, or almost so ( Fig. 13View Figs). Hemiterga with attenuated tips; basal callus offset from apical section of hemiterga by broad, shallow emargination. Aedeagal tube short and plump with a few fine setal spines on bulb; apex of tube bearing a pair of ventromedian lobes and a pair of dorsolateral lobes ( Fig. 14View Figs); apical half of tube, including lobes armed with fine triangular spines. Aedeagal sac bearing lateral groups of 6‐7 large black spines in fan shaped clusters on either side of a cylindrical lobe densely armed with black, scale‐ like spines; dorsad to large fan shaped clusters, a small membranous lobe, armed with brown, triangular spines occurs on each side of sac. Dorsal sclerite spear shaped but apex curved dorsad over base of sac.

Female. Unknown.

Larva. Unknown.

Etymology. The species name, used as a noun in apposition, is based on the type locality of Sungai Belalong and the Kuala Belalong Field Studies Centre.

Diagnosis. The aedeagal features of this species are similar to both P. flabellare Stark & Sivec  and to P. anomala (Banks)  ( Stark & Sivec 2007; Zwick 1982). It differs from the former in bearing two pairs of prominent, membranous, spine‐ covered lobes ventroapically and dorsolaterally on the tube. In addition, a small spiny lobe occurs dorsad to the large fan shaped clusters of spines on the sac. The latter species shares the ventroapical spiny lobes on the aedeagal tube but the sac is armed with an almost complete ring of large black spines.




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