Hypostomus regani ( Ihering, 1905 )

Reia, Lais, S. da Costa e Silva, Gabriel, Garcia-Ayala, James R., P. F. Vicensotto, Ana Maria & Benine, Ricardo C., 2020, Ichthyofauna of the ribeirão Sucuri, a tributary of the rio Tietê, upper rio Paraná basin, southeastern Brazil, Check List 16 (3), pp. 711-728: 721

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http://doi.org/ 10.15560/16.3.711

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Hypostomus regani ( Ihering, 1905 )


Hypostomus regani ( Ihering, 1905)  

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Original description. Plecostomus regani Ihering 1905: 558   .

Material examined. BRAZIL • 2, 58.7 −70.3 mm SL; São Paulo state, Pongaí, Córrego Santa Rosa ; 21°46′29″S, 049°23′34″W; 12 May 2018; leg. Silva G.S.C. and Reia L. ( LBP 26475 View Materials ) GoogleMaps   4, 56.8−116.7 mm SL; São Paulo state, Pongaí, Córrego Zanata ; 21°47′02″S, 049°22′44″W; 12 May 2018; leg. Silva G.S.C. and Reia L. ( LBP 26490 View Materials ) GoogleMaps   .

Identification. Body elongated; mouth ventral; maxil- lary barbel long, slender, and free distally; teeth slender and bicuspid, central cusp larger than lateral; premax- illa with 50 to 61 teeth; dentary with 52 to 66 teeth; body covered by odontodes. Body completely covered by bone plates, median series with 26 perforated plates by lateral line; cleithrum and coracoid not exposed; abdomen par- tially covered by plates; lateral abdomen plates smaller and rounded; median platelets rounded and forming ab- dominal shield. Overall body coloration darkened; head with many small yellow spots, spots becoming larger on posterior portion of head, continuing and becoming gradually larger toward caudal peduncle; fins dark with large light round spots.