Nipaecoccus nipae (Maskell)

Hodgson, Chris J. & Łagowska, Bozena, 2011, New scale insect (Hemiptera: Sternorrhyncha: Coccoidea) records from Fiji: three new species, records of several new invasive species and an updated checklist of Coccoidea, Zootaxa 2766, pp. 1-29 : 8

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Nipaecoccus nipae (Maskell)


Nipaecoccus nipae (Maskell)  

This species was not included in Williams and Watson’s (1988 b) review of the Scale Insects of the Tropical South Pacific. However, it is a polyphagous species and has become established in many countries. On Viti Levu, at least, it is now extremely abundant and was collected frequently on a range of crops but appeared to be a particularly serious problem on palms in Suva. It was also collected off Annona muricata   , Artocarpus altilis   , Epipremnum pinnatum   , Musa   sp. and Psidium guajava   . This species appeared to have the potential to be a serious pest. As Fiji is a hotspot for palms, with 24 native palm species ( Doyle & Fuller, 1998), of which at least 8 are considered to be either endangered or critically endangered, it is clear that N. nipae   is potentially very important.