Chinavia obstinata

Matesco, Viviana Cauduro, Bianchi, Filipe Michels, Fürstenau, Brenda Bianca Rodrigues Jesse, Silva, Priscila Poock Da, Campos, Luiz Alexandre & Grazia, Jocelia, 2014, External egg structure of the Pentatomidae (Hemiptera: Heteroptera) and the search for characters with phylogenetic importance, Zootaxa 3768 (3), pp. 351-385 : 373-374

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Chinavia obstinata


Analysis of the Chinavia obstinata group

The analysis including two discrete and three continuous egg characters resulted in 10 most parsimonious trees with 104.493 steps. Only the strict consensus tree is shown ( Fig. 83 View FIGURES 82 – 83 ).

Character 41. Egg, color prior to embryonic development: (0) green, (1) light brown

Character 42. Egg, aero-micropylar process, surface, sculpture: (0) smooth, (1) spongy

Character 43. Egg, length (range, in millimeters) (continuous)

Character 44. Egg, width (range, in millimeters) (continuous)

Character 45. Egg, aero-micropylar processes, number (range) (continuous)

Two of the egg characters were informative for the analysis (characters 43 and 45). Characters 41 and 42 had ambiguous reconstruction due to missing data. The states for C. hilaris (eggs green and AMPs smooth, respectively) could be either plesiomorphic or autapomorphic. For the character 43 (egg length), the plesiomorphic condition ranges from 1.49 to 1.56 mm for the entire group. The synapomorphic conditions are the reduction of the egg length in C. marginata (Palisot de Beauvois) (1.25–1.30 mm) and its increase (1.64–1.75 mm) in the C. runaspis clade. Most values of egg width (character 44) overlap (except for C. pengue (Rolston)) . The plesiomorphic condition ranges from 1.18 to 1.23 mm for the entire group and from 1.18 to 1.24 mm for the C.

runaspis clade. The number of AMPs (character 45) overlaps in most terminals, and the plesiomorphic condition ranges from 62 to 63 AMPs; a reduction to 38–58 AMPs is autapomorphic for C. runaspis .