Haematomantispa sp.

Alvim, Breno Ganns Chaves, Machado, Renato Jose Pires & Krolow, Tiago Kütter, 2019, Mantidflies (Neuroptera, Mantispidae) from Tocantins state (Brazil): distribution and identification key, Check List 15 (2), pp. 275-285: 282

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http://doi.org/ 10.15560/15.2.275



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Haematomantispa sp.


Haematomantispa sp.  

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Diagnosis. This specimen has the body predominantly dark-red, pronotum longer than broad, with setae covering its entire length, wings hyaline and foreleg with 2 pretarsal claws.

Examined material. Brazil, Tocantins, Palmas, Fazenda Encantada , 10°15 ʹ 0 2.6 ʺ S, 048°07 ʹ 23.1 ʺ W, 9–10.xi. 2012, Krolow, T.K. & Lima, H.I.L. leg. (1♀ CEUFT)   .

Distribution. The genus occurs from Costa Rica to Brazil: Amazonas and Rondônia ( Machado and Martins 2018).

New records. Tocantins: Palmas municipality.

Comments. Until now the only species of Haematomantispa   known from Brazil is H. amazonica Machado & Rafael, 2010   . The unique specimen studied here is a female and probably is a new species, as it does not present the main morphological characters of H. amazonica   . We opted not to formally describe this new species because our specimen is a female; the male genitalia provide the most important characters to distinguish species of Haematomantispa   . We made many attempts to collected more specimens but all were unsuccessful.