Dipturus kwangtungensis (Chu, 1960), Chu, 1960

Straube, Nicolas, White, William T., Ho, Hsuan-Ching, Rochel, Elisabeth, Corrigan, Shannon, Li, Chenhong & Naylor, Gavin J. P., 2013, A DNA sequence-based identification checklist for Taiwanese chondrichthyans, Zootaxa 3752 (1), pp. 256-278: 273

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Dipturus kwangtungensis (Chu, 1960)


Dipturus kwangtungensis (Chu, 1960)  

Type locality: Jia-Bo, China.

The eight Taiwanese samples of D. kwangtungensis   formed a single cluster that also included a sample from Naylor et al. (2012 b) labeled as Raja   sp. 1 (GN 6181), also from Taiwan (Supplementary Material 1). Due to the nearly identical sequences of this specimen and the eight new Taiwanese samples of D. kwangtungensis   , it is most likely this specimen is also D. kwangtungensis   .