Thalassisobates Verhoeff, 1908

Enghoff, Henrik, 2013, New montane, subterranean congeners of a littoral millipede, genus Thalassisobates (Diplopoda: Julida: Nemasomatidae), Journal of Natural History 47 (23 - 24), pp. 1613-1625: 1614

publication ID 10.1080/00222933.2012.759289

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scientific name

Thalassisobates Verhoeff, 1908


Genus Thalassisobates Verhoeff, 1908  

Diagnosis (emended after Enghoff, 1985)

Nemasomatid millipedes in which the external tooth as well as the internal tooth of the mandibular gnathal lobe has an accessory small cusp posterior to the main cusp, and the setae on the collum are placed about one-third of collum length from the posterior margin (autapomorphies, see Discussion). Anterior gonopods with apical hooks on the coxal processes and with basal telopodital flaps more or less covering basis of flagella (synapomorphies with other nemasomatid genera).

Type species: Isobates (Thalassisobates) adriaticus Verhoeff, 1908   .

Included species: T. littoralis ( Silvestri, 1903)   (= adriaticus Verhoeff, 1908   ), T. emesesensis   sp. nov., T. almeriensis   sp. nov.

Differences between the three species are summarized in Table 1.