Crotophagisyringophilus, Skoracki, 2008

Skoracki, Maciej, 2017, Quill mites (Acariformes: Syringophilidae) associated with birds of Mexico, Zootaxa 4282 (1), pp. 179-191: 180

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Crotophagisyringophilus  io Skoracki, 2008

This species was described from Crotophaga ani Linnaeus  ( Cuculidae  ) from Argentina and Bolivia ( Skoracki 2008), and there have not been its further findings since the first description. Herein, a new host record and a new locality for this mite species is provided.

Material examined. Five females and 1 male from Crotophaga sulcirostris Swainson  ( Cuculiformes  : Cucuidae), MEXICO: Veracruz, Los Tuxtlas, 15 May 2008, coll. S.V. Mironov (SVM 08-0515-1/2); mite specimens deposited in UNAM, UMMZ, and AMU. 


Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico


University of Michigan, Museum of Zoology