Hypsugo bemainty, Goodman & Rakotondramanana & Ramasindrazana & Kearney & Monadjem & Schoeman & Taylor & Naughton & Appleton, 2015, Goodman & Rakotondramanana & Ramasindrazana & Kearney & Monadjem & Schoeman & Taylor & Naughton & Appleton, 2015

Goodman, Steven M., Rakotondramanana, Claude Fabienne, Ramasindrazana, Beza, Kearney, Teresa, Monadjem, Ara, Schoeman, M. Corrie, Taylor, Peter J., Naughton, Kate & Appleton, Belinda, 2015, An integrative approach to characterize Malagasy bats of the subfamily Vespertilioninae Gray, 1821, with the description of a new species of Hypsugo, Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society 173 (4), pp. 988-1018 : 1008-1009

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http://doi.org/ 10.1111/zoj.12223

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Hypsugo bemainty


HYPSUGO BEMAINTY   , SP. NOV. ( FIGS 9–12 View Figure 9 View Figure 10 View Figure 11 View Figure 12 )

syn. Hypsugo anchietae Bates et al., 2006  

syn. Hypsugo anchietae Goodman, 2011   Holotype

Adult male, FMNH 217884 (field number SMG 17029 View Materials ), collected 2 November 2011 by S. M. Goodman & Ara Monadjem. The specimen was conserved in 12% formaldehyde and subsequently transferred to 70% ethanol. Before preservation, the skull was removed via small incisions on both sides of the mouth, conserved in 60% ethanol, and then cleaned by dermestid beetles. Samples of pectoral muscle were collected and saved in lysis buffer. Other information obtained from this individual includes bioacoustic recordings, cleared and stained baculum, and photographs of the living animal. The specimen, with a full adult dentition and the basisphenoid–basioccipital suture completely fused, had scrotal testes measuring 2 × 3 mm and slightly con- voluted epididymides. External measurements (in mm) include total length 77, tail length 35, hindfoot length (without claws) 7, ear length 11, tragus length 7, forearm length 31, and body mass 3.9 g ( Table 2).

Type locality

Madagascar: Province de Toliara, Kirindy Forest (CNFEREF), 60 km N Morondava, along the Kirindy River , 20°4′29.1″S, 44°40′14.4″E, 45 m asl GoogleMaps   .


Other information obtained from the associated type series included bioacoustic recordings (br), cleared and stained baculum (bac), and photographs (ph). Madagascar: Province de Toliara, 0.8 km N Kirindy village   ,