Hydrochus drechseli Makhan

Perkins, Philip D., 2021, Taxonomy of water beetles in the genus Hydrochus Leach, 1817, from Bolivia, Brazil and Paraguay (Coleoptera: Hydrochidae), Zootaxa 4994 (1), pp. 1-93: 44

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Hydrochus drechseli Makhan


Hydrochus drechseli Makhan  

Figs. 5 View FIGURE 5 , 51 View FIGURES 50–51

Hydrochus drechseli Makhan 1995: 191  

Originally described from Paraguay. Habitus and male genitalia images are given herein ( Fig. 51 View FIGURES 50–51 ). New locality and deposition data for Bolivia, Brazil and Paraguay are given below.

Material examined (83): Bolivia: Beni, 1.7 km E of San Borja , (14°52’7’’S, 66°43’53’’W), 15.vii.1998, leg. K. B. Miller (3 SEMC) GoogleMaps   ; 7 km SW Trinidad , elev. 163 m (14°52’12’’S, 64°57’32’’W), 18.vii.1998, leg. K. B. Miller (8 SEMC) GoogleMaps   ; Cercado Province , 9.5 km N of Trinidad, (14°46’34’’S, 64°58’0’’W), 17.vi.1999, leg. K. B. Miller (1 SEMC) GoogleMaps   ; Santa Cruz, 2.7 m S of San Jose , elev. 333 m (17°52’20’’S, 60°44’28’’W), 27.vi.1999, leg. K. B. Miller (1 SEMC) GoogleMaps   ; 3.7 km SSE Buena Vista, Hotel Flora y Fauna , elev. 400 m (17°29’S, 63°33’W), 1–12.v.2004, leg. A. R. Cline & J. Wappes (1 SEMC) GoogleMaps   ; 60 mi. N. Santa Cruz, Saavedra Exp. Sta. , 27–30.xii.1959, leg. Robert Cumming (1 NMNH)   ; Ichilo , 1.2 km S Buena Vista, (17°28’37’’S, 63°40’7’’W), 19.vi.1999, leg. K. B. Miller (1 SEMC) GoogleMaps   . Brazil: Bahia, Guanambi , 10 km S on BR-122 (-14.31889 -42.78635), 530m, 27.ii.2018, densely vegetated pond, leg. Benetti & Team, BR 18-0227-03A (46 INPA, SEMC) GoogleMaps   . Paraguay: Dep. Alto Paraguay, Madreion , 15.v.1995, leg. U. Drechsel (6 NMW)   ; Paragro 22, 8–10.iv.2004, leg. U. Drechsel (2 NMW)   ; Dep. Pte. Hayes, Puerto Galileo , (25°8’S, 57°50’W), 27–29.viii.2005, leg. U. Drechsel (11 NMW) GoogleMaps   ; Dep. San Pedro, 2km E 25 de Diciembre, roadside pool, elev. 191 m, 25.vi.2006, leg. W. D. Shepard (WDS-A-1698) (1 SEMC)   ; Puerto Antequera , 540 ft., black lights, 24.vi.2006, leg. W.D. Shepard (WDS-T-193) (1 SEMC)   .

Remarks. I have examined the holotype, including the male genitalia, of H. drechseli (NMW)   . The specimen imaged ( Fig. 51 View FIGURES 50–51 ) has this locality data: Bolivia, Beni, Cercado Province, 9.5 km N of Trinidad, (14°46’34’’S, 64°58’0’’W), 17.vi.1999, leg. K. B. Miller.


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