Panicum spergulifolium A. Camus

Vorontsova, Maria S., 2018, Revision of the group previously known as Panicum L. (Poaceae: Panicoideae) in Madagascar, Candollea 73 (2), pp. 143-186: 172-176

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Panicum spergulifolium A. Camus


24. Panicum spergulifolium A. Camus   in Bull. Soc. Bot. France 72: 619. 1925 ( Fig. 13A View Fig , 14 View Fig , 15 View Fig ).

Lectotypus (designated here): MADAGASCAR. Prov. Fianarantsoa: Andringitra massif, II.1922, Perrier de la Bâthie 14551 ( P [ P02263099]!; isolecto-: G [ G00022432] image seen)   . Syntypi: MADAGASCAR. Prov. Fianarantsoa: Andringitra massif, I.1922, Perrier de la Bâthie 14334 ( P [ P00224783, P02263106]!)   ; Andringitra massif, II.1921, Perrier de la Bâthie 14413 ( G [ G00022433], K [ K000244714, K000244715]!, P [ P00224777, P02263100]!)   .

Mat-forming perennial, much branched, to 40 cm tall, the culms and nodes glabrous. Leaf sheaths glabrous to sparsely ciliate. Ligule a ciliolate membrane. Leaf blades lanceolate, flat or rolled, coriaceous, 0.4–3(–5) × 0.1–0.2 cm, drying redbrown, imbricate, appressed or ascending, glabrous to sparsely ciliate, sometimes with bulbous based cilia on the lower part of the margin. Panicles terminal, fully exserted on a peduncle 6–20 cm long, 1.5–4(–7) cm long, obovate, few-flowered, the branches wiry, contracted or partly open, glabrous. Spikelets elliptic, apically obtuse, 2.8–3 mm long, with poorly visible veins, purplish, opening only partly. Lower glume 2/3– 3/4 as long as the spikelet, chartaceous, apically subacute, 3-veined, glabrous. Upper glume 3/4 as long as the spikelet, herbaceous, 3– 5-veined, glabrous. Lower floret male, with palea. Lower lemma herbaceous, 5-veined, glabrous. Upper lemma smooth, shiny, pale.

Distribution and ecology. – Unique to high elevation plateau of Andringitra and surrounding area, in damp areas on rocks,

[A: Vorontsova et al. 1218; B: Vorontsova et al. 1391; C: Ratovonirina et al. 185; D: Vorontsova & Onjalalaina 1466] [Photos: M.S. Vorontsova] [Nanjarisoa et al. 74, K] [Drawing: Lucy T. Smith]

sheltered under rocks, or in open areas with sandy soils, 1700–2600 m ( Fig. 10B View Fig ).

Notes. – This species is dominant across much of the high elevation plateau in Andringitra. There is considerable morphological variability: sheltered populations at higher elevations and with more access to water have longer leaf blades which are more likely to be flat, and larger panicles with open branches. Populations that form ground   cover in drier, more open, lower elevation habitats have a denser compact habit with shorter rolled leaf blades, and more condensed panicles with fewer spikelets. Variation appears to be continuous.

The lectotype is chosen for its high quality flowering material and the best distribution of duplicates.

Additional material examined. – MADAGASCAR. Prov. Fianarantsoa: Andringitra NP, 22°10'03"S 46°53'49"E, 25. XI.2009, Couch et al. 590 ( K [ K000805562]) GoogleMaps   ; Manjarivolo , 2. XI.1970, Guillaumet 3501 ( P [ P06768509])   ; Andohariana in Andringitra , 13. I.1971, Guillaumet 3731 ( P [ P06768506])   ; N des chaînes Anosiennes , 25. XI.1971, Guillaumet 3921 ( P [ P06768507])   ; massif de l’Andringitra , 27. XI.1924, Humbert   3879a ( K [ K000805567])   ; ibid. loco, 27. V.1924, Humbert   3880 ( G, K [ K000805563], P [ P02263105])   ; ibid. loco, 27. V.1924, Humbert   3881 ( G, K [ K000805570], NY, P [ P00224782])   ; ibid. loco, 27. XI.1924, Humbert   3882 ( P [ P02263101])   ; ibid. loco, XII.1924, Humbert   3883 ( G, K [ K000805568], NY, P [ P00224781])   ; Andringitra NP, près du campement 2, 22°09'24"S 46°54'19"E, 26. XI.2013, Nanjarisoa et al. 74 ( K, TAN) GoogleMaps   ; Andringitra NP, Pic Boby , 22°11'42"S 46°53'31"E, 28. XI.2013, Nanjarisoa et al. 86 ( K, TAN) GoogleMaps   ; Andringitra massif, II.1922, Perrier de la Bâthie 14549 ( K [ K000244713], P [ P00224784])   ; Andringitra NP, 22°09'00"S 46°53'57"E, 6. XI.2003, Phillipson et al. 5679 ( P [ P06768783]) GoogleMaps   ; Sendriosa, Ambalavaokely , 5.XII.1954, Rakotovao 688 ( P [ P06903358])   ; Ambalavao, Ramiova , 28.X.1955, Rakotovao 7632 ( P [ P06768508])   ; Andringitra, Diavolana , 6 km from camp 2, 22°08'13"S 46°52'00"E, 29. XI.2013, Vorontsova et al. 1218 ( TAN) GoogleMaps   ; Andringitra, below Imarivolanitra , 22°11'42"S 46°45'31"E, 12.XII.2013, Vorontsova et al. 1228 ( TAN) GoogleMaps   ; Andringitra , east of camp 3, 22°11'32"S 46°54'20"E, 13.XII.2013, Vorontsova et al. 1250 ( TAN) GoogleMaps   ; ibid. loco, 13.XII.2013, Vorontsova et al. 1262 ( TAN) GoogleMaps   .


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Panicum spergulifolium A. Camus

Vorontsova, Maria S. 2018

Panicum spergulifolium

A. Camus 1925: 619