Antrops sp. A

KITS, JOEL H. & MARSHALL, STEPHEN A., 2013, <p class = " HeadingRunIn " align = " left "> <strong> Generic classification of the Archiborborinae (Diptera: Sphaeroceridae), with a revision of <em> Antrops </ em> Enderlein, <em> Coloantrops </ em> gen. nov., <em> Maculantrops </ em> gen. nov., <em> Photoantrops </ em> gen. nov., and <em> Poecilantrops </ em> gen. nov. </ strong> </ p>, Zootaxa 3704 (1), pp. 1-113 : 50-51

publication ID 10.11646/zootaxa.3704.1.1

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Antrops sp. A


Antrops sp. A

Description. Head orange, maxillary palp yellow. Mostly covered with microtomentum, frons with shiny spots lateral to ocellar triangle. Ocellar bristles at level of anterior margin of median ocellus. Subvibrissal and anterior genal bristle about 0.25X length of vibrissa. Gena about 0.4X eye height.

Thorax black, postalar callus reddish, mostly covered with microtomentum. Proepisternum shiny, anepisternum with ventromedial shiny spot covering 0.5X length and 0.5X height of sclerite. Halter white.

Legs black, trochanters reddish brown, joints and 2 basal tarsomeres yellow, 3 distal tarsomeres brown. Mid tibia with anterodorsal row, 1 anteroventral, 1 posteroventral, 5 apical bristles. Hind tibia with 2 ventroapical bristles, anterior bristle thin.

Wing light brown, veins dark brown. White spots on crossveins r-m, bm-cu, and dm-cu, and on vein R 4+5 with 1 basal and 2 distal to r-m crossvein and at tip.

Abdominal tergites heavily sclerotized, black, covered with microtomentum, anterior margins of tergites 3–5 wavy. Sternites weakly sclerotized.

Material examined. ECUADOR: Napo: SierrAzul Res., 14 km W Cosanga , 2200 m, 10 May 2002, S.A. Marshall (1 ♀, DEBU); as above but treefall, 10–11 May 2002, Marshall & Paiero (1 ♀, DEBU) .

Comments. This species is not described here pending discovery of male specimens. As well, examination of males may help resolve the uncertain phylogenetic position of this species. It has a strong superficial similarity to members of the genus Boreantrops , but lacks the synapomorphies of that genus. It is placed in Antrops here strictly out of convenience.


Ontario Insect Collection, University of Guelph













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