Poecilantrops sp. A

KITS, JOEL H. & MARSHALL, STEPHEN A., 2013, <p class = " HeadingRunIn " align = " left "> <strong> Generic classification of the Archiborborinae (Diptera: Sphaeroceridae), with a revision of <em> Antrops </ em> Enderlein, <em> Coloantrops </ em> gen. nov., <em> Maculantrops </ em> gen. nov., <em> Photoantrops </ em> gen. nov., and <em> Poecilantrops </ em> gen. nov. </ strong> </ p>, Zootaxa 3704 (1), pp. 1-113 : 105-106

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https://doi.org/ 10.11646/zootaxa.3704.1.1

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Poecilantrops sp. A


Poecilantrops sp. A

Description: Occiput, posterior two-thirds of frons, and rectangular spot on face below lunule black, gena, anterior third of frons, and remainder of face reddish brown. Antennae, maxillary palp, clypeus and prementum orange. Mostly covered with tomentum, shiny spots lateral to ocellar triangle. Ocellar bristles at level of anterior ocellus. About 3 pairs of interfrontal bristles. Subvibrissal bristle and anterior genal bristle about 0.3X length of vibrissa. Labellum with 12 pseudotrachae.

Thorax black, mostly covered with microtomentum. Mesoscutum with a pair of stripes of denser microtomentum medial to dorsocentral row. Preepisternum shiny. Anepisternum with shiny medial patch about 0.5X length and 0.5X width of sclerite, microtomentum below spiracle. Meron and metapleuron shiny. Katepisternum with a shiny spot behind coxa.

Coxae black, trochanters yellow, femora black, narrowly orange at base and distal quarter orange, tibiae orange at base, distal half black, apices narrowly orange. Tarsi brown, third basotarsomere black. Mid tibia with 3 anterodorsal apically, 1 anteroventral, 1 posteroventral, ring of 5 apical bristles. Hind tibia with 1 strong and 1 weaker apicoventral, no anteroventral.

Wing brown, white spots at apices of longitudinal veins, on crossveins, 1 basal and 2 distal to r-m on R 4+5.

Abdomen with tergites black, covered in microtomentum, fully sclerotized. Syntergite 1+2 fused with tergite 3.

Sternites square, weakly sclerotized, light brown. Genitalia not dissected. Material examined. BRAZIL: São Paulo: Est. Biol. Boracéia, dung trap, 2 Dec 2008, G.F.G. Miranda (1 ♀,

MZSP). Notes. The placement of this species is unclear, although the fused abdominal tergites suggest it may belong to

Poecilantrops . It is not described pending discovery of male specimens.













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