Maculantrops altiplanus, KITS & MARSHALL, 2013

KITS, JOEL H. & MARSHALL, STEPHEN A., 2013, <p class = " HeadingRunIn " align = " left "> <strong> Generic classification of the Archiborborinae (Diptera: Sphaeroceridae), with a revision of <em> Antrops </ em> Enderlein, <em> Coloantrops </ em> gen. nov., <em> Maculantrops </ em> gen. nov., <em> Photoantrops </ em> gen. nov., and <em> Poecilantrops </ em> gen. nov. </ strong> </ p>, Zootaxa 3704 (1), pp. 1-113 : 90-91

publication ID 10.11646/zootaxa.3704.1.1

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Maculantrops altiplanus

sp. nov.

Maculantrops altiplanus View in CoL sp. nov.

( Figs. 169 View FIGURES 166–172 , 230 View FIGURES 222–230 )

Description. Femora 2 and 3 pale brown basal to yellow band, dark brown distal to yellow band. Tibiae 1 and 2 with dark brown with yellow bands at half and apex, tibia 3 with yellow bands at third and apically, dark brown basally, pale brown between yellow bands.

Male postabdomen: Sternite 5 simple, rectangular. Surstylus pointed apically, with a rectangular lobe projecting from posterior margin. Pregonite completely fused with postgonite, setae very short. Postgonite with lobes widely separated, anterior lobe very broad, posterior lobe narrow and pointed. Ejaculatory apodeme long, thick. Basiphallus with long epiphallus, broad, barely projecting preepiphallus. Distiphallus simple, dorsal sclerite flat, possibly homologous with dorsal tube, ventrally with a large, setose, clear sac ( Fig. 169 View FIGURES 166–172 ).

Female postabdomen: Tergites 6–7 and sternites 6–7 very broad, moderately sclerotized, covered with microtomentum, without posterior strips. Tergite 8 broad, anterior margin with a small weakly sclerotized patch medially, covered with microtomentum. Epiproct broad, anterior arms broad, without setae, distal third covered with microtomentum. Cerci very broad. Sclerites of sternite 8 short, nearly meeting lateral margin of tergite 8, very narrow and shiny anteriorly, broad and covered with microtomentum posteriorly. Hypoproct broad, U-shaped, arms shiny. Spermathecae (1 pair) barrel-shaped, about 2X longer than wide, with short basal invagination, longer apical invagination.

Type material. Holotype ♂: BOLIVIA: La Paz: La Paz , 15 km NE, 16°24.6'S 68°02.9'W, 4300 m, 29 Mar 2001, S.D. Gaimari, debu01154915 ( UASC) GoogleMaps . Paratype: Lago Titicaca, Mapac, Sahuiña , 16°10'S 69°04'W, 3812 m, 23 Apr 1997, L. Masner (1 ♀, DEBU) GoogleMaps .

Comments. The species name is the latinized form of Altiplano, the Spanish name for the vast Andean plateau where the type specimens of this species were collected. This species is very similar to the widespread M. hirtipes , but it can be distinguished based on the characters in the key.


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