Sorex G. Fischer, 1814,

Jo, Yeong-Seok, Baccus, John T. & Koprowski, John L., 2018, Mammals of Korea: a review of their taxonomy, distribution and conservation status, Zootaxa 4522 (1), pp. 1-216: 23

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Sorex G. Fischer, 1814


Genus Sorex G. Fischer, 1814 

Of the eight species traditionally listed as inhabiting Korea, we regarded S. araneus  and S. unguiculatus  as either misidentification or error of records. Therefore, we identified six species of Sorex  in Korea.

Sorex araneus  has a wide distribution in the Palearctic, occurring from Britain through central, northern and eastern Europe and Asia as far east as Lake Baikal and as far north as the Arctic Coast. Since Sorex isodon  was regarded as Sorex araneus isodon ( Hoffmann & Lunde 2008)  , S. araneus  has been listed as a Korean mammal ( Tate 1947; Won & Smith 1999). However, the distribution of S. araneus  does not extend into eastern Asia ( Hutterer 2005b). Thus, we delisted S. araneus  from the mammals of Korea.

Sorex unguiculatus  share morphological similarities with S. isodon  such as large body size, dark-brown ventral color, and broad forefeet. The collection of specimens of S. unguiculatus  in North Korea brings into question the problem of possible misidentification ( Han et al. 2000). The identification of these specimens is apparently problematic ( Han et al. 2000) and should be examined to validate their identity. For the moment, we chose to delist S. unguiculatus  from Korean mammals.