Heliophanus decoratus L. Koch , 1875, L. Koch, 1875

Dmitri V. Logunov, 2010, Taxonomic notes on a collection of jumping spiders from Iran (Araneae, Salticidae), Bulletin of the British Arachnological Society 15, pp. 85-90: 85

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Heliophanus decoratus L. Koch , 1875


Heliophanus decoratus L. Koch, 1875  

Comments: This species has been recorded from the eastern Mediterranean, N and NE Africa (from Morocco to Ethiopia), and the Near East (Wesołowska, 1986; Prószyński, 2003), eastward as far as SW Iran (Fars and Khuzestan provinces); previously reported from Iran by Logunov et al. (2002).

Material: iran: 1♀ ( BMNH), Khuzestan, Shush (Susa) (c. 32.20°N, 48.25°E), in grass and reed clumps near marsh stream, 13 September 1958, coll.? GoogleMaps  

Comparative material: tunisia: 1d ( SMFM), Djerba, NE Houmt-Souk (c. 33°53'N, 10°51'E), dry sandy thicket with Chenopodiadea, 14 April 1959, H. Kahmann. GoogleMaps   greece: 1d ( LNMC), Chios, Gridia (c. 38°12'56″N, 26°0 6'0 8″E), rocky valley o ff coast road above shore, 29 April 1997, C. Felton; GoogleMaps   1d ( LNMC), Chios, nr. Armolia (c. 38°14'57″N, 26°21'13″E), weedy edge and track between road and olive grove, 25 April 1997, C. Felton. GoogleMaps  


United Kingdom, London, The Natural History Museum [formerly British Museum (Natural History)]