Ctenotrachelus macilentus Stål, 1872,

María C. Melo, Gimena Dellapé, Leonela Olivera, Pablo S. Varela, Sara I. Montemayor & Pablo M. Dellapé, 2017, Diversity of true bugs from Iguazú National Park, Argentina, Check List 13 (5), pp. 479-511: 486

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http://doi.org/ 10.15560/13.5.479



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Ctenotrachelus macilentus Stål, 1872


Ctenotrachelus macilentus Stål, 1872 

( Fig. 16View Figure 14–17)

Distribution. Brazil ( Barber 1930).

Material examined. 1♂, 25°40ʹ40.8ʺ S, 0 54°26ʹ55.9ʺ W, 2-XI-2012, light trap, PNI0111 (MLP)  .

Remarks. New country record.

This species can be distinguished by the unarmed lateral margins of the pronotum; pronotum twice longer than head, and over twice as long as wide; the post-ocular region twice as long as the pre-ocular margin of head ( Barber 1930).