Montana tianshanica (Uvarov, 1933),

Ivković, Slobodan, Iorgu, Ștefan, Horvat, Laslo, Chobanov, Dragan, Korsunovskaya, Olga & Heller, Klaus-Gerhard, 2017, New data on the bush-cricket Montana medvedevi (Orthoptera: Tettigoniidae), critically endangered in Europe (EU 28), and a comparison of its song with all known song patterns within the genus, Zootaxa 4263 (3), pp. 527-542: 539

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Montana tianshanica (Uvarov, 1933)


Montana tianshanica (Uvarov, 1933)  — Fig. 7View FIGURE 7 I. 

Locality: China, Xinjiang, Tian chi (Tien chi (Himmelssee) in Tian shan near Bofda Feng (mountain) (N 43°54', E 88°07'), 2000 m a.s.l., 30.vii.2009, leg. K.- G. Heller (5 males). According to the locality name in the description of the species and the comments and map in Sjöstedt & Hummel (1933), our specimens were collected at or very close to the type locality.GoogleMaps 

The calling song of M. tianshanica  differs from that of all other Montana  species. It consists of relatively short, polysyllabic (ca. 3–9 macrosyllables) echemes (syllable repetition rate ca. 25 Hz) separated from each other by intervals of about the same duration ( Fig. 7View FIGURE 7 I). Regularly some echemes contain microsyllables at the beginning and only few macrosyllables.