Ptilonorhynchus squamulosus 'MS, MS

Steinheimer, Frank D., 2005, The type specimens of Paradisaeidae, Cnemophilidae and Ptilonorhynchidae (Aves) in the Museum für Naturkunde of the Humboldt-University of Berlin, Zootaxa 1072 (1), pp. 1-25: 6-7

publication ID 10.11646/zootaxa.1072.1.1

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Ptilonorhynchus squamulosus 'MS


Ptilonorhynchus squamulosus 'MS   Illiger' Kuhl, 1820

Kuhl, H. (1820): Beiträge zur Ornithologie. P. 135 [135–151] in van Hasselt, A. W. M. & Kuhl, H. (eds.) Beiträge zur Zoologie und vergleichenden Anatomie. Zweite Abtheilung. Hermannschen Buchhandlung, Frankfurt am Main: pp. 151, pls. 11.

Wagler, J. G. (1827): Systema Avium. Pars Prima. J. G. Cotta, Stuttgartia [Stuttgart], Tubinga [Tübingen]: species 2, Ptilonorhynchus   [p. 309 of species chapters].

Now Ptilonorhynchus violaceus violaceus (Vieillot, 1816)   . See Sharpe 1881: 381, Mathews 1924: 213. Mayr 1962a: 179, Dickinson 2003: 427 and Frith and Frith 2004: 361, 364 did not account for the name Ptilonorhynchus squamulosus   .

SYNTYPE: ZMB 1590 View Materials [specimen not located in May 2005]. Male. Loc.: N.S. Wales [New South Wales, Australia]. Ex. coll.: Bullock. [ Ex­mount ; data from register]   . ZMB 1591 View Materials . Female. Loc.: Neu Süd Wales [New South Wales, Australia]. Coll. v. Hoffmannsegg. [ Ex­mount ; data on ZMB label]   .

COMMENTS: In Wagler (1827) additional syntypes (for his application of the name Ptilonorhynchus squamulosus   ) are listed from the collection of the MNHN, the Linnean Society of London, the collection of the Sturm family in Nuremberg and Wagler's private collection ("mea"). Dr. Johann Carl Wilhelm Illiger (1775–1813), director of Berlin's zoological museum, worked on Sieber's specimen but failed to publish on the material due to his early death. Kuhl (1820, in synonymy, see above) and Wagler subsequently referred to Illiger's MS name squamulosus   . Wagler created a junior homonym of Kuhl's name, although listed in synonymy. The specimen ZMB 1590, which was already in the ZMB when Wagler's and Kuhl's publication of the name appeared and which is now considered lost, arrived, however, too late (1819) to be used in an Illiger MS. This specimen is only a syntype for Kuhl's (1820) original description of Ptilonorhynchus squamulosus   , which included, besides the reference to Illiger's MS, also a cross­reference to specimens in the Bullock collection. The types were not mentioned in Meise's MS.


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Ptilonorhynchus squamulosus 'MS

Steinheimer, Frank D. 2005

Ptilonorhynchus violaceus violaceus (Vieillot, 1816)

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